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November 30, 2016

You can grab a $94 discount on the ASUS OnHub router today!

by John_A


Grab one before the great rebranding!

Google’s efforts in connecting your home have been going a little slower than many had hoped. Announcements for Weave, Brillo, and OnHub made it seem like Google was ready to tie your home together in short order and have you ready to connect your home to your phone, but reality hasn’t quite caught up yet. We’re now seeing Google transition from OnHub to Google WiFi, with some new hardware to allow for mesh networking if you need it.

That doesn’t mean your existing OnHub router isn’t any good, in fact they will work great with the new Google WiFi expanders. Which also means you can get started connecting your home Google WiFi style right now with some seriously discounted OnHub equipment and be happier in the long run.

While the TP-Link OnHub router is a little more difficult to get on a great deal, the ASUS OnHub router is ready to be delivered to your home for $94 off the original price. That means you can get started with Google WiFi for less than the cost of one of the new single white pucks, and expand as necessary. Plus, when Google finally figures out how the rest of their connected home strategy is actually going to work, OnHub will be there to receive an update.

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