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November 16, 2016

Put some magic on your home screen with these Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter wallpapers

by John_A


I think we can all use a little magic right now.

Magic brings a gleam to our eyes, a thrill to our hearts, a lightness to our souls. And while I may not have some hand-made robes nor an Ollivander wand, I can always turn back to the books, and the art, and the fan fiction (yes, fan fiction) to bring a glimmer of the wizarding world back into my mundane one. And with these wallpapers, I can bring some of that magic to the closest thing I have to a magic wand: my Android phone.


I remember reading Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them back when it came out 15 years ago– sweet Nimbus, does that make me feel old. Anyhow, this vintage-looking poster makes me want to dig out my old paperback again and brush up on my beasts before I make my way to a screening. Don’t you agree?

Fantastic Beasts Poster by someorangegirl


One thing I do remember of the old paperback was it wasn’t half as exciting as this movie looks. We’ve got magical beasts running amok in Manhattan! We’ve got layers upon layers of secret societies and bureaucracies! We’ve got Eddie Redmayne running around with a wand, a magical case, and a smile that could light all of Broadway! Who’s ready for more wizarding world hijinks?!

Fantastic Beasts MACUSA Poster


The Ministry of Magic didn’t look quite like this in the movies, but I like this version more. There’s a warmth to this place, and look at all the memos literally flying around! Who wouldn’t want to work there? Well, maybe not at the Department of Mysteries, but maybe we could find something with the Aurors, or maybe Mr. Scamander could use some aides after his shenanigans in New York.

Ministry of Magic by Emmanuel-Oquendo


Patronuses are freaking awesome. It’s like a silvery spirit familiar that embodies your style and soul. They drive away Dementors and Lethifolds and can even run errands for you! Well, I’m not sure sending a message via patronus would beat a text message, but it’d look so cool. Patronuses take the form of the animal you most embody or admire. And while there are a lot of cool patronuses in Tribalchick101’s gallery, you can’t beat this silvery spirit-y owl, ready to swoop in for the save!

Owl Patronus by Tribalchick101


Okay, Quidditch is a weird game and I don’t envy the athletes who gear up for league games all over the country, but even I can’t deny the appeal of this wallpaper. Also, now that we can have drones in the palm of our hands, I am quite frankly stunned we haven’t seen snitch drones being sold anywhere yet? I want a self-flying snitch that’ll fly around the house while I try and fail to catch it!

But a Snitch Ain’t One

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