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November 5, 2016

How to set up Google Home

by John_A


At long last, Google’s answer to Amazon Echo is here.

Whether you pre-ordered yours the instant you saw it during Google’s presentation or just grabbed one at Best Buy or Walmart on a curious whim, Google Home is in your home, which now begs the question: how do you make this little white air freshener work? Without a screen, Google Home is reliant on a smartphone to set up, just like a Chromecast. In fact, you’ll use the same app you set up your Chromecast with, the recently renamed Google Home app.

Plug the power adapter cord into the base of your Google Home.

Plug the power adapter into an outlet. The unit will automatically boot up, introducing itself and directing you to the Google Home app to finish setup.


Open the Google Home app.
Tap Devices, the TV and speaker icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Tap Set up in the card for your new Google Home.


Once the app has found your Google Home, tap Continue to set it up.
The app will connect your phone to Google Home’s temporary hotspot to continue setup.

Once connected, Play test sound to ensure its connected and connected to the right unit.


If you hear the tone made by your Google Home, tap I heard it.
Select a name for your Google Home. The Home has a selection of rooms to pick from for your unit’s name.

If you want to name your Google Home something besides a room name, select Other and type in the desired name.


Once you have a name you’re happy with, tap Continue.
Choose a Wi-Fi network to connect your Google Home to. It will default to the network your phone is currently connected to, and if you want Google Home to get the Wi-Fi password from your phone rather than typing it in, tap OK.

Once your Wi-Fi password is inputted, either by the app itself or manually, tap Continue.


Google Home will take the Wi-Fi credentials you just gave it and attempt to log in.
Once it connects, tap Continue.

Google Home will now fetch and install an update.


Once the update is installed, tap Sign in to add your Google account to the device for Google Assistant to use.
Select a Google Account to use with Google Home. You can only have one account associated with the device at the moment, so make sure the account you select is the one you want everyone in your household to use. Tap Continue as (Your Name).

On order for Google Assistant to be more useful as a personal assistant, it needs access to your personal information, such as your calendar and to-do list in Google Keep. Tap Allow.


In order to provide local weather and traffic, Google Home asks for its home location. If the address it brings up is correct, tap Set Location. Otherwise, Edit the location by tapping the pencil icon.
You can sign up for email updates on new Google Home and Google Assistant features by swiping right on the toggle next to Get email notifications. When you’re satisfied with your answer, tap Continue.

In order for Google’s music functions to work properly, link up your services. If you subscribe to Google Play Music and YouTube Red, those will already be linked to your Google Account. Tap Link to connect Pandora or Spotify to Google Home. You can also select the service you want as a default, putting a blue dot next to it before tapping Continue.


Google Home can cast music and YouTube to other Google Cast devices if it can see other devices that are attached to your account. Make sure your Cast devices are turned on and that they show up, then tap Connect.
Once your updates and preferences are set, you can start using Google Home. Tap Continue.

Google Home offers a tutorial on using the new device, which you can start by tapping Continue.


Speak the sample command to your Google Home and see the response. Once you’re done with each command, tap Continue.
Your setup is complete. Enjoy your new Google Home!


As a reminder, the top of your Google Home is a touchpad. You can tap the center to pause the current music or readout, you can long-press the center to get Google Assistant’s attention, and you can run your finger in a circle around the top of the device to turn Google Home’s volume up and down.

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