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August 6, 2016

Recommended Reading: President Obama, Commander in Nerdiness

by John_A

Obama to leave
the White House
a nerdier place
than he found it

Gardiner Harris,
The New York Times

President Obama has accomplished a lot of things during his eight years in office. One of the causes he’s championed is science and STEM education. The New York Times takes a look at how the commander-in-chief is leaving the Oval Office a much nerdier place than he found it with science fairs, advisory committees and more.

Reboots be damned, ‘Stranger Things’ shows a better way to do nostalgia
Nathan Mattise, Ars Technica

If you haven’t watched Netflix’s latest critically-acclaimed original, you might want to skip this. However, if you have streamed it, Ars Technica offers a look at the proper way to handle nostalgia in a world of reboots.

Seeking Shelter
Ben Fox Rubin and Richard Nieva, CNET

CNET takes a look at the refugee crisis in Greece through the lens of the technology that’s available to the folks who are camping out. Refugees have to use phones to find food and shelter while scheduling Skype meetings for asylum interviews.

America’s electronic voting machines are scarily easy targets
Brian Barrett, Wired

While Donald Trump was busy spouting comments about a rigged election, Wired posted a look at how the voting machines we use in the States are easy targets for a security breach.

No Man’s Sky isn’t 30 hours long, silly
Samit Sarkar, Polygon

A Redditor paid an insane amount of money to obtain a copy of the unreleased No Man’s Sky. The forthcoming title boasts an infinite universe, but this person finished it in 30 hours. So, what gives? And does it really even matter?

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