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August 4, 2016

Google’s iOS GIF keyboard now supports more languages

by John_A

GBoard, Google’s kooky iOS keyboard that lets you push GIFs and emoji to your friends is getting a multilingual update. Starting today, the service will now work in French, German, Italian and Spanish as well as Portuguese and its Brazilian dialect. If that list includes your native tongue, you don’t even need to do anything as GBoard should detect your phone’s default language and switch to it. The update also adds smart GIF suggestions, so if you type out a recognizable keyword, such as party, then party-themed GIFs will be but a single tap away. Oh, and if GBoard’s standard light theme doesn’t go with your apps, no worries, as it now has a dark option to remain en vogue.

If you’re not caught up, GBoard is a Google-made iOS app that bakes in the search engine to your device’s keyboard. In addition, the service offers glide typing in a similar way to Swiftkey’s slidey-typing system. Most of GBoard’s features have been promised to Android users as well, although there’s no clear date for when some will arrive. In the meantime, it’s proving to be a beachhead for Apple owners who’ve seen the number of Google services on their devices gently fade away. Oh, and it can let you search for GIFs and Emojis that’ll make sure you’re the coolest and most millennial person in your WhatsApp group.

Source: Google

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