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July 6, 2016

How to get the Huawei stainless steel link bracelet look for less

by John_A


You can get a stainless steel bracelet for the Huawei Watch without breaking the bank.

The original bracelet from Huawei is a timeless accessory for your new favorite timepiece, the Huawei Watch, but at a whopping $129 it might not be the price you’re prepared to pay. If it’s still the look you just can’t be without, we’ve got options that will give the real thing a run for its money.

  • Hoco Huawei watch stainless steel link band
  • Rerii stainless steel watch band
  • YESOO stainless steel butterfly buckle watch band
  • MOTONG stainless steel watch band
  • Lucco stainless steel watch band

Hoco Huawei watch stainless steel link band


The stainless steel links by Hoco are a standout match for the Huawei Watch. If need be, links can be removed in order to get a better fit for smaller wrists, and all the tools you’ll need to get them out are included with the band.

The hidden butterfly buckle provides security when you’re having an active and on-the-go kind of day. The links are beautifully detailed and flexible enough for a comfortable fit. Tough to tell if this one is the real thing or a look for much less, and less means around $13.

See at Amazon

Rerii stainless steel watch band


As is the case with all of its watch bands, Rerii offers a one year warranty on its stainless steel links for the Huwawei Watch. Its customer service is just about second to none, and that alone is reason enough to include its band in our roundup. And the band is awesome, just so you know.

It comes with all of the tools you’ll need to remove links or install the pins. The steel links look and feel like an expensive accessory, but at roughly $19, you’re getting the link look you love for a lovely bargain.

See at Amazon

YESOO stainless steel butterfly buckle watch band


One of the best reviewed bracelets comes from YESOO, and a perk that comes with the band is a 180-day warranty. Although, we have to say that based on the way people rave about the brand, you won’t need to worry about using that warranty; it’s just nice to know it’s there.

No need to worry about any wear and tear while you put your Huawei Watch through the paces; the watch band is flexible enough to stand up to whatever your day has in store for you. The YESOO bracelet is also just about on par with the weight of the Huawei original, which is something to boast about at around $19.

See at Amazon

MOTONG stainless steel watch band


Another brand giving the Huawei band a run for its money is MOTONG. The easy installation and removable links are top features for fans of the brand who can’t stop admiring how much this bracelet looks like the real deal at only a fraction of the cost.

The clasp is a fold-over with single button release; it’s easy to maneuver and comfortable against the inside of your wrist, which is just what you want after a full day (and maybe night) of wear. For around $19, grab one for yourself and one for a fellow watch aficionado.

See at Amazon

Lucco stainless steel watch band


Let’s say you want it all: the weight and feel of the original Huawei bracelet, removable links (as many as six for those with a narrow wrist), beautiful polished stainless steel, and a fabulous looking replica of the real thing. Lucco has a band that ticks all the boxes.

The double push-button clasp is secure and smooth against your wrist, and the links are flexible enough to be comfortable no matter what your day involves. For around $25, it is excellent quality and still only a fraction of what you’d pay for the Huawei version.

See at Amazon

Treat yourself

Still not convinced that our picks can stand up to the Huawei stainless steel link bracelet? Have a look at the Huawei bracelet and do a little comparison of your own.

If you’ve found a fantastic alternative link bracelet for the Huawei Watch, make sure to tell us about it in the comments section below.

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