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June 27, 2016

Half of US households now subscribe to VOD services

by John_A

With the various ways you can consume digital media aside from television and cable channels, it should come as no surprise that now, according to a new report from Nielsen, that about half of all households in the US partake in subscription VOD services like Netflix or Hulu.
While that number was dangerously close to half back in February, it’s been solidified now. Television viewing habits are continuing to decline as mobile devices like tablets or smartphones open up additional options for digesting media on consumers’ own time, anywhere at all.

It’s important to note that these viewing habits reflect mainly the 18-34 demographic, where 39% of media viewing takes places on mobile devices and computers and 15% on streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku. The 50 and over demographic spend about 53% of their television viewing time with the actual TV, and 21% on digital platforms.

The latest Nielsen report also demonstrates a 60% increase in viewing activity via smartphones among US adults over 18, quoting an average of 62 minutes a day just a year ago to 99 minutes per day, contrasting sharply with a 1% decline in live TV viewing.

These are interesting statistics, especially considering TV networks’ push to broadcast content and other unique forms of media across other mediums like Snapchat or Facebook.

Source: Variety

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