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June 22, 2016

Mondevices MonBaby Smart Button review – CNET

by John_A

The Good MonBaby is easy to use, and its design cleverly makes clipping it to baby’s clothing easier than comparable devices. The Android app’s ability to track sleep patterns over time is a cool addition.

The Bad Its reliance on motion detection means MonBaby’s performance isn’t perfect. Plus, you can’t use it with a sleeper or rocker that would register movement even if the child has stopped breathing.

The Bottom Line MonBaby is a useful gadget, but like other devices of its type, its features can’t replace traditional monitors or quite justify its $170 price tag.

There are two types of baby monitors: traditional ones that let you listen while your child is sleeping in the other room, and newer connected ones that monitor your child’s vitals and send mobile alerts if something goes wrong. I love that technology has increased safety for kids and peace of mind for new parents. But here’s a question for these high-tech monitors: Can the new features justify the raised price?

MonBaby makes sure your baby’s sleeping well
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Developer Mondevices makes one of these connected gadgets called the MonBaby Smart Button, a wearable for your infant. MonBaby pairs simple motion-sensing hardware with algorithms to track children’s breathing, overall activity and physical orientation. The app notifies parents if the device detects any concerning change (like halted respiration or a child lying on their belly).

Mondevices’ product is well designed. It snaps onto your kid’s clothing and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. MonBaby’s measurements are pretty reliable, but because they all depend on motion-sensing, they can be inaccurate if used with certain sleepers or rockers.

Accessing the information on the app is quick and easy. You can personalize when you receive notifications and also track your child’s activity levels over time on the Android app (this feature is coming for the iOS version within a few months, according to Mondevices).

At $170, MonBaby is a little more affordable than some of its competitors, but it certainly isn’t cheap. And it falls into the same trap as other devices like it: It can’t replace traditional monitors, and its added smarts won’t justify the price for many parents. MonBaby is nice to have around, but not necessary for most kids.


  • Cheaper than some competitors
  • Tracks data over time
  • Sends alerts if your child flips onto their belly


  • Bluetooth reliance means limited range
  • iOS app is less developed than Android version
  • Motion sensing isn’t reliable when used with certain sleepers
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