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June 18, 2016

WallaMe: Hide photos in the real world (Review)

by John_A


Have you ever wanted to write on a wall, but a) didn’t want to get arrested for vandalism or b) only wanted your friends to be able to see it? If so, WallaMe is the app for you. If not, you and I are on the same boat.

Developer: Wallame Ltd

Cost: Free


User Interface

WallaMe takes many cues from Instagram. There are three tabs at the top, five at the bottom, and the center of which is adding a new wall. I like it, but everything seems a little blurry.

The image capture screen is very basic, with no option to zoom in or out. Additionally, turning the flash on keeps the flashlight lit the whole duration of lining up the picture, instead of “flashing” upon capture.


Once you get a picture of a wall, the editing options are quite plentiful. You can add stickers or pictures from your own gallery, text, and drawings in various colors. Once your wall is posted, people can like and comment on it, again very much like Instagram. There is no option to add your own photos instead of taking one, which is quite inconvenient.

General Impressions

WallaMe is touted as an AR app, with the ability to see walls that other people have posted when you are nearby. However, there is an astonishingly low amount of users in my area and in the US as a whole. To me, that largely makes the app an Instagram for walls, which really has no point. When WallaMe develops a larger user base, I think it is a great way for residents and tourists alike to connect with each other.


WallaMe is largely just a copy of Instagram with a fraction of the user base. The user interface is squared off, and for that reason not visually appealing. The photo editor is pretty nice, but they need to improve the image capture screen. Check it out from the link below if you’d like.

Download and install WallaMe from the Google Play Store.

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