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June 8, 2016

Turtle Beach HyperSound Glass speakers direct sound so only you can hear the awesome

by John_A

Turtle Beach has created a set of glass speakers aptly named HyperSound Glass that use ultrasonic audio to deliver sound directly, without filling the room. That means you can only hear them loud if you’re sat directly in front of them – ideal for gamers.

The HyperSound Glass speakers not only look cool, with a slim pane of glass creating the audio, but they’re also versatile. That means you can hook them up to your console, television or music player of choice and listen loud without bothering others.

There is some bleed to those not sat in front of the speakers, but the sound is just quiet as if it’s turned down low or coming from far away. Check out the demo video below to hear the directional audio in effect.

Turtle Beach has created prototype directional speakers like this before, but these required a wire mesh. This glass version is the first clear speaker model that should look great in the home. HyperSound has been pitched by the company for use in directional audio advertising on public displays too.

Turtle Beach is showing off the prototype HyperSound Glass speakers at the E3 2016 games conference next week. We’ll be there to bring you more, hopefully including a release date and price.

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