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June 7, 2016

Best 360-degree aerial drone photos, hold your breath and expect VR awe

by John_A

When photos made the jump from cameras to smartphones we got plenty more ways to see amazing sites all over the world. Then came the GoPro. Then the drone. But it hasn’t stopped, now there’s immersive 360-degree virtual reality photography.

So popular has this particular brand of photography become that it now has its own competition to find the best shots. SkyPixel specialises in just that task. As such it’s created a 360-degree aerial panorama contest and has had over 1,000 entries. Yup, there are plenty of people out there with the drones, the cameras and the skills to create virtual reality photography.

From beaches and forests to cities and olympic stadiums, this competition has photos from all over the planet. The gallery above shows off some of the best images that have been submitted to the competition. While these are not in virtual reality, you can follow the links on any you like the look of to view them in 3D. If you’ve got a VR headset that would be the time to get it out.

If drone photos are your thing, after checking out this taster, then click on through to the link below for even more mind blowing aerial photography.

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