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June 1, 2016

George Carlin will be reborn as a stand-up hologram

by John_A

The greatest honor the 21st century can bestow upon a dead artist is to have their life’s work reduced to commodity entertainment for nostalgia fiends. That’s why so many singers have been brought back as Pepper’s Ghost-style holograms in the hope of squeezing a few more dollars from their memory. George Carlin is the latest to become zombie entertainment, and will become a permanent fixture at the forthcoming National Museum of Comedy in New York State. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, chief curator Kliph Nesteroff reveals that a Carlin hologram will be a “gimmick to bring people to Jamestown.”

The idea is to create a museum that will become for comedy what Cooperstown is for baseball, bringing fans and newbies together. While the main halls will be dedicated to family-friendly humor, the basement of the facility will be dedicated to no holds barred, adult comedy. It’s here that the Carlin hologram will perform “like old times” in a “fake comedy club in one corner.” Nesteroff also adds that there will also be live shows in the venue, where budding circuit comics can see what will happen to their legacy should they be successful enough in life.

Source: THR

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