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May 31, 2016

The story of EE has been turned into a book

by John_A

Nothing says summer like lying on a beach and getting stuck into a good book. But what to read? A 19th century classic, or perhaps Murakami’s latest surrealist tale? What about the fascinating story of how mobile provider EE came to be? Well, look no further than The 4G Mobile Revolution: Creation, Innovation and Transformation at EE, penned by former network CEO Olaf Swantee and now departed comms director Stu Jackson.

Out this August (according to Amazon), The 4G Mobile Revolution will arrive just in time for your summer getaway. The book will be a journey in itself, though, starting with the merger between T-Mobile and Orange that birthed Everything Everywhere; the subsequent rebranding to EE and launch of the UK’s first 4G network; right through to the recent £12.5 billion takeover of the company by BT and Swantee stepping down as CEO. Thrilling stuff.

Alright, so maybe it’s not the type of literature you fancy getting lost in on a sun lounger — it is, after all, aimed at suits and pitched as “essential reading for any executive grappling with change.” That said, if you’re bored of rich, fantastical scenes featuring characters that can’t stay alive for more than a few pages, then perhaps drab meeting rooms and fully clothed directors is the change of pace you’re looking for.

Via: Mobile News

Source: Kogan Page

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