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April 25, 2016

Disney virtual reality content is coming, Nokia Ozo to be used for filming

by John_A

The mighty Disney has announced it will use the Nokia Ozo camera to create virtual reality content.

Disney is planning to use the Ozo 360-degree camera to create immersive videos that will be unleashed alongside its movie feature releases.

The Nokia Ozo is a virtual reality camera that’s aimed at super high quality content. It’s for this reason that it’s being aimed at professional level film-making. The camera is able to capture images from multiple angles and then stitch that together to create the 360-degree persecutive. 

Nokia and Disney have already worked together using the Ozo before. Two 360-degree videos were released in conjunction with the launch of The Jungle Book movie. This allowed viewers to see the red carpet premiere event and cast interviews in virtual reality.

Anyone can watch the videos using YouTube by clicking and moving the mouse to change view. For the best experience VR videos can be viewed on a smartphone in a virtual reality viewer headset, like Google Cardboard, so looking around in the real world moves the perspective in the virtual one.

Here’s hoping Star Wars gets plenty of VR work done so we can get further into the world of Star Wars ready for the next movie release.

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