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April 20, 2016

LG 4K HDR choices for 2016: G6, E6, C6 and B6 TVs compared

by John_A

LG’s message in its 2015 televisions was about curved OLED, later releasing flat models to accompany the curved versions. With 2016, the message is still very much about OLED, Ultra HD and HDR, but guess what? The lead model moves to flat instead.

OLED is expensive to make but has always pushed the message of offering superior blacks and superior colours over its LCD competition. That’s down to the way that OLED can turn off each pixel to achieve absolute blacks, where LCD lights in sections. With LCD offering more affordable panels and increasingly proficient visuals with a range of enhanced dimming techniques, LG’s refinement of its OLED TVs continues. 

All the LG OLED models for 2016 feature Ultra HD/4K, HDR, LG’s Perfect Black, Perfect Colour, Perfect Clarity and webOS.


LG G6 Signature

The flagship television for LG in 2016 is the G6, not to be mistaken for the equally lavish private jet, part of LG’s new Signature family of premium products.

The LG G6 Signature features Ultra HD, HDR and 3D. But it’s the Picture on Glass design that makes this a very attractive telelvision. Thanks to the super thin nature of OLED, this screen is just 2.57mm in depth, so that’s thinner than your smartphone. It’s certainly a showcase design.

As a result all the components are placed in the bottom where LG has cleverly doubled the stand as a soundbar. This offers 60W front-firing audio with a 4.2 channel system designed by Harmon/Kardon. So smart is the design, even the stand can be folded back in case you want to wall mount this TV.

The G6 comes with the webOS Smart TV platform, meaning super-simple access to everything via clear icons and premium motion sensitive remote control. This TV is Ultra HD Premium certified, as well as supporting Dolby Vision HDR standards. In the UK this display won’t support Freeview Play, as LG thinks that those opting for this premium flagship will likely pay for premium TV services too, like Sky Q.

The LG G6 also comes Netflix recommended, supporting the clever instant on feature, that will mean when you turn your TV back on, you’ll be returned to the Netflix programme you were watching when you switched it off, rather than booted back into the main menu.

Of course all these specs and design flair come at a cost: the 77-inch G6, out later in the year, is £25,000 while the 65-inch model, out in May, is £6000.



The LG E6 is the model that stands a step down from the G6 flagship. While this means a drop in price, the spec change is not hugely different.

You still get the Ultra HD OLED 3D panel with HDR but it also features that Picture on Glass design 2.57mm screen, plus the addition of Freeview Play in the webOS platform. This is also an Ultra HD Premium certified TV offering support for Dolby Vision too.

The E6 comes in smaller size options and has a similar soundbar but one that tops out at 40W and 2.2-channels. The design is also different in the rear with a crystal glass backing.

The LG E6 65-inch and 55-inch televisions, available in April, are £5000 and £3500 respectively.



The LG C6 represents a more significant level drop in the OLED range, both in offerings and price. The big difference here is that the C6 does not feature the super thin Picture on Glass design nor does it sport a built-in soundbar. This model offers a curved OLED display, very much like LG’s 2015 offerings, but is still only 5mm thick.

The LG C6 offers an Ultra HD/4K panel offering 3D, and Ultra HD support in the form of Dolby Vision and again carries the Ultra HD Premium badge.

The LG C6 comes in 65-inch and 55-inch models, due in June, for £4500 and £3000 respectively.



The LG B6 is the same as the C6 but offers a flat panel rather than a curved one. It’s still a slim profile television, but a step down from the picture on glass flagships.

The LG B6 offers an Ultra HD/4K panel with HDR support, carrying the Ultra HD Premium badge and supporting Dolby Vision. It runs on the webOS platform, offering Freeview Play in the UK.

The LG B6 is available in 55 or 65-inch options, costing £4500 and £3000 respectively. They will be available from June 2016.

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