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April 18, 2016

Hermit: Lite Apps Browser review

by John_A


Hermit is a unique app that lets you create desktop shortcuts to you favorite websites. This helps eliminate rogue apps draining your battery, frees up storage space, and helps simplify permissions requests from other apps.

Opening Screen where all you bookmarks live.
Opening Screen where all you bookmarks live.

Developer: Chimbori

Cost: Free (in-app purchases allows you to create unlimited apps)


  • Helps reduce battery consumption
  • Reduces permissions needed by other apps
  • Helps free up phone storage
  • Does not use background resources


Creating a new bookmark.

I started using this app as a way to free myself from the hassles of the official Facebookapp. It was always running in the background draining my battery even further. As a heavy user, I need every percentage of battery I can get. I tried a few wrappers that all work pretty well, but then I ran across Hermit.

Hermit creates bookmarks and saves them to your home screen. There are a lot of pre-made bookmarks such as Facebook, Instagram, Time, and more that come with icons that look like the full app, but not all apps have an icon for them; instead, you get the generic Hermit icon. However, you can always change the icon with the numerous icon packs available in the Play Store. They also appear in your recent apps switcher so they close out just like other apps.

Hermit offers a plethora of customization options, including:

  • Theme Colors
  • Notifications
  • Data Saver
  • Full screen
  • Bookmarks for each app

However, there is one bug that is kind of a bother sometimes. When you have more than one app, Hermit sometimes gets confused as to which one you’re trying to open straight from your gallery but it’s worth the trade-off.

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Overall I really enjoy this app. I started off using it for Facebook but I have since used it for other items such as news and sports sites as well. While there are still bugs to be worked out it’s worth it even if it’s just for the two free apps you can set up; and who doesn’t love an ad-free experience?

Download Hermit: Lite Apps Browser in the Play Store

SUMMARYThis is a great app for replacing storage hogging apps, especially Facebook. Highly Recommend. 3.8


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