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February 13, 2016

Recommended Reading: Twitter’s identity crisis

by John_A

What Everyone’s Got Wrong About Twitter (Including Twitter)
Ian Schafer,

Twitter’s earnings dropped this week, followed by a number of theories on the future of the company. Deep Focus founder and chairman Ian Schafer posted an op-ed on the matter to discuss the social network’s identity crisis. Is it a media company? Is it a data company? Schafer makes the case that Twitter needs to decide soon, for it’s own good.

11 Ways to Live a Super Bowl
Ryan Kalil, Leica Blog

Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil toted a Leica M during Super Bowl week to offer a player’s perspective of the biggest sports event of the year in the US.

Writing ‘Firewatch,’ and Capturing the Beauty of Being Alone
Roy Graham, Gamasutra

There’s no denying that Firewatch is one of most visually stunning games in recent memory, and the narrative only enhances the beauty.

Excuse My French: The Dirty Secrets of Hip-hop’s Clean Versions
Andrew Friedman, Fact Magazine

There’s a story about MTV having to make four different versions of Clipse’s song “Grindin’” to weed out all the marijuana references. This piece offers a look into the process of making hip-hop tracks “safe” for consumption.

And Then There Were Four: Phone Booths Saved on Upper West Side Sidewalks
Corey Kilgannon, New York Times

As NYC converts phone booths to public WiFi kiosks, only a select few remain. But hey, at least they’re being upgraded, too.

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