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October 31, 2015

Chainfire cooks up “systemless” Marshmallow root

by John_A

This is my Note 3, there are many like it but this one is mine.

Rooting legend Chainfire has released an Android 6.0 root method that doesn’t modify the /system partition. Chainfire emphasizes that this root is highly experimental and probably prone to bugs, but if this experiment is successful, it could make for a much cleaner approach to rooting Android.

There could be many benefits to this new approach. For one, a standard factory reset would remove the root. This is pretty interesting, because currently unrooting a device is a significantly more involved process. Also, this removes the risk of bricking your phone if you use the wrong kernel. Instead of bricking, and incorrect attempt at rooting with an unsupported kernel will simply fail to root the device.  However, if you’re looking to use this root on top of an older one, you’ll naturally need to reflash your stock /system partition before beginning.

Chainfire is, of course, the mastermind behind projects like SuperSu, CF Auto Root, CF.lumen, and TriangleAway. He’s an incredibly seminal developer in the Android modding community and is currently a senior moderator and developer at XDA.

If you’re feeling curious and bold, head over to the XDA forum where Chainfire released this newest idea. However, to keep discussion about the method centralized, Chainfire is requesting that all discussion and experimentation with the new method happen over in the SuperSU Beta forum.

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