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Twisty reactor hints at a future of practical fusion power

The Wendelstein 7-X fusion reactor sliced to show its inner workings

Many fusion reactors are based on a tokamak design, which uses an electrical current to twist a superheated plasma’s electrons and ions into a three-dimensional loop. That’s good for containing the plasma, but it’s still not the safest design — if the current fails or there’s a magnetic disruption, you have a serious problem on your hands. However, scientists at the Max Planck Institute may have a more practical alternative. They’ve recently completed Wendelstein 7-X, the first large reactor based on a stellarator concept that relies on a cruller-like shape for the twisting action instead of a current. That’s considerably safer than a tokamak, and the supercomputer-guided design should iron out the containment problems that have plagued stellarators until now.

Via: Motherboard

Source: Science


Motorola DROID Turbo 2 and DROID MAXX 2 specs leak in entirety two days prior to the announcement

DROID_Turbo_Back_Slanted_2_Camera_Motorola_Logo_TAThanks to Phone Arena, we have received specific details on what to expect at Motorola’s unveiling set for NYC this Tuesday.

On Tuesday Motorola will introduce the DROID Turbo 2 and the DROID MAXX. It’s notable that the company will not be stopping production of its original DROID Turbo. Apparently the company will make this a lower-priced option for those who don’t want to pay for the latest and greatest.

Regarding the DROID Turbo 2, we’re going to see a 5.4-inch Quad-HD display, the Snapdragon 810 SoC, a 21MP rear-facing camera, a 5MP camera on the front and 32GB and/or 64GB options expandable up to an additional 2TB. It’s also said that the handset will include a 25W charger for lightning fast charging.

As for the Motorola DROID MAXX, one can expect to see a slightly larger 5.5-inch display with a full-HD resolution, a Snapdragon 617 processor, the same 21MP/5MP camera options, a 15W charger, and expandable storage. A 16GB variant is also said to be available.

Phone Arena has also caught a glimpse of a slew of accessories being made available so suit your needs. The device’s are also expected to come with Screen Assurance for two years that allows buyers to replace their cracked screen once during the two-year period free of charge.

As many of you may have guessed, Motorola will include a large variety of color options and textures for select handsets letting you customize your device how you want it. All the details can be seen in the leaked images of a Verizon brochure down below, brought to you by Phone Arena. One can expect to see pricing and availability options announced at Motorola’s upcoming conference, which takes place in only two days time. Whose excited?


Via: Phone Arena

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Scientists confirm a cornerstone of quantum computing

Cornell students study quantum physics in the Ultracold Lab

Quantum physics theory has an odd but fundamental quirk: atoms in a quantum state aren’t supposed to move as long as you’re measuring them. It sounds preposterous, but Cornell University researchers have just demonstrated that it’s real. The team noticed that the atoms in an extremely cold cloud of Rubidium gas wouldn’t move around as long as they were under observation. The more often scientists used a laser to measure the behavior, the less movement they saw. They had to either tone the laser down or turn it off entirely for the atoms to shuffle around freely.

Via: Slashdot

Source: Cornell University, Physical Review Letters


10 best Android apps for Halloween

Halloween Android apps
October is a very special time of year. There are pumpkins everywhere, the world is reminded that Bruce Campbell is, in fact, awesome, and everyone is dressing up like things. It’s a holiday rivaled only by the ones that take place in December and we have a list of Android apps that will help make your Halloween better.

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ADM - best Android apps for halloweenAndroid Device Manager

[Price: Free]
Android Device Manager is an app and system in place by Google that helps you track down your phone. We’ll all be wearing costumes with weird pockets or (potentially) bad stitching. For the adults in our audience, there will likely be the imbibing of inebriates. All of it will be taking place in either dimly lit or totally dark places. It all adds up to an increased possibility of a phone going missing. Android Device Manager is a good way to find it. There’s an app for your device and the web interface you can access from any computer. Click here to find instructions on how to enable ADM on your Android device! Safety first!
Get it now on Google Play!
ADM - best Android apps for halloween

amazon android apps for halloweenAmazon Shopping

[Price: Free]
Amazon Shopping is about the best “last resort” for Halloween apparel, decorations, and other minor baubles or make up. After all, those special Halloween stores and your local retailers can only stock so much stuff. Amazon has a really good selection of various things that could be useful for anyone looking to celebrate the holiday right, although if you do need anything, we recommend ordering it sooner or later so it can arrive on time!
Get it now on Google Play!
Amazon best android apps for halloween

The Walking Dead best android apps halloweenTons of games

[Price: Varies]
There are a ton of games that are either great for the atmosphere of Halloween or have special bonuses in honor of the holiday. Most free-to-play premium games have Halloween content to collect or see during this time of the year, including games like Clash of Clans, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Angry Birds 2, and many, many others. Then you have the games that actually work well with the holiday on their own such as The Walking Dead: Season One and Two, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and others. It may take a bit of searching, but it’s not difficult to find some Halloween-inspired gaming on mobile.
Get it now on Google Play!

Halloween Android appsHalloween Live Wallpaper

[Price: Free / $0.99]
Frankly, there are a ton of Halloween live wallpapers out there and most of them look pretty good. We liked this one because it’s a bit more minimal so it doesn’t clash too much with the various things you have placed on your home screen. There’s also a free version and a paid version so you can have some fun without having to fork out money if you don’t want to. This one comes with some fun Easter eggs and there are even sound effects if you double tap. The battery drain is negligible and it’s pretty solid overall.
Get it now on Google Play!

iheartradio best android apps for halloweeniHeartRadio

[Price: Free]
iHeartRadio is known for its wide variety of themed radio stations. Usually that means things like rock, country music, etc but it also has a decent selection of holiday themed stations. That includes Halloween. Finding a station to suit your needs isn’t difficult and aside from the occasional audio advertisement, the app is totally free to use. Pandora and other radio apps should have some as well if you already subscribe to those services.
Get it now on Google Play!

FrightgeistSee also: Google Frightgeist scares up Halloween costume trends2

Google Maps Halloween Android appsGoogle Maps

[Price: Free]
Trick-or-treating involves a lot of walking around. Sometimes you may want to go to other neighborhoods if your particular neighborhood doesn’t work well with Halloween. In any case, there’s a lot of moving about and a good navigation app is a good tool to have in your pocket. You can plan routes, find your way home if you get lost, and the best part is that this is installed on most devices already which means you won’t be wasting your storage space.
Get it now on Google Play!

netflix best Android apps for halloweenNetflix

[Price: $8.99/month]
Netflix is one of the go-to sources for on-demand movies for pretty much any holiday season. There are a variety of spooky and creepy movies to choose from on Netflix that are great for both adults and kids. Some of the options include Silence of the Lambs, the Addams Family, The Nightmare Before Christmas (which is, in fact, a Halloween movie), Scream, The Blair Witch Project, Scream, American Psycho, Sleepy Hollow, Carrie, and many others.
Get it now on Google Play!
netflix best android apps for halloween

tiny flashlight best Android apps for halloweenTiny Flashlight

[Price: Free]
Yes, it’s true that most devices nowadays have a flashlight built right into the operating system that is usually accessible in the Quick Settings menu or as an app. However, those who don’t have the latest versions of Android may want to pack a flashlight app with them and Tiny Flashlight is about as good as it gets. It’s a small app that is totally free and uses the bare minimum permissions required to be a flashlight app. Trick-or-treating takes place at night. It’s dark. Your child (or someone else’s) is probably going to drop something. Trust us, a flashlight will come in handy.
Get it now on Google Play!

track or treat Halloween Android appsTrack & Treat

[Price: Free]
Track & Treat is a unique GPS application built by Glympse that lets you track your child’s smartphone. Technically, the official Glympse app would work just as well, but a themed version makes it more fun for everybody. You install the app on both your device and your child’s device and you can then keep an eye on your kids from the couch and make sure they’re going where they’re supposed to go. The official Glympse app is highly regarded so we imagine this one works pretty well too, despite the lack of reviews.
Get it now on Google Play!
Halloween Android apps

zedge best free Android apps for halloweenZedge

[Price: Free]
During every holiday season, Zedge seems to be able to offer up a ridiculous number of holiday-themed wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds. Halloween is no exception. The Zedge app has some nasty advertising that does get in the way occasionally but it’s usually not too bad to warrant uninstalling. Otherwise, you’ll find a treasure trove of stuff to help deck out your device for Halloween. It’s also good around most holidays so expect to see it again later this year when we do our Christmas apps!
Get it now on Google Play!

Wrap up

If we missed any great Halloween inspired Android apps, tell us about them in the comments! If you want to stay up to date on the latest Android apps and games news, use the form below to subscribe to our Apps Weekly newsletter!

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LG V10 shows off its durability in new “In-Between Moments” commercial

lg_v10_design_darkLG is starting to put more emphasis on its new V10 handset. However the sales aren’t corresponding. Just yesterday the company outed a new commercial once again promoting the device’s ruggedized body.

Commercial ads has posted the commercial on their YouTube account, which cycles the commercial twice in 28 seconds. In the video, the V10 drops from a table onto a hard surface and doesn’t show any signs of breakage or tear. LG also shows off the device’s ticker display and high-resolution rear-facing camera. Other details are show on a page at the end of the commercial. The text reads “Capture the In-Between Moments.” It also shows an icon representing the Snapdragon 808 processor that runs the device. You can watch the advertisement in the embedded YouTube video down below.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Major League Soccer’s New York City FC names Alcatel OneTouch as official partner


The current strategy for Alcatel OneTouch to grow its exposure in North America is by forming strategic partnerships with brands that can really engage their audiences. Alcatel OneTouch has already been named the official smartphone partner of Major League Soccer’s Toronto FC and LA Galaxy, and now the company is ready to add another team to its portfolio of partnerships. This afternoon, New York City FC named Alcatel OneTouch as its own official smartphone partner for years to come.

Steve Cistulli, SVP and General Manager of North America for Alcatel OneTouch, commented on the multi-year partnership:

“Our approach to brand growth is focused on bringing our technology’s value and experiences to the hands of consumers, and partnering with New York City FC gives us the unique opportunity to interact with a diverse and engaged audience. New York City FC might be a young brand to MLS, but they’ve already built strong affinity in their community and we’re excited to join with them on growing and strengthening those fan connections.”

New York FC’s fans will see Alcatel OneTouch work both inside and outside of games to bring them experiences. Aside from being present at matches and active on social media, Alcatel OneTouch will engage with the Greater New York City’s communities.


New multi-year agreement expands ALCATEL ONETOUCH’s MLS club partnerships to the greater New York Area with on-site and in-market fan experiences

NEW YORK – October 26, 2015 – ALCATEL ONETOUCH, a top five mobile phone manufacturer in North America*, today announced a new multi-year partnership with the New York City Football Club (NYCFC) – the newest professional soccer team in New York City and the first Major League Soccer Club to play within the five boroughs. In recent years, ALCATEL ONETOUCH has been one fastest growing mobile brands in North America by market share by bringing simple, high-quality choices to the mobile handset marketplace.

“Our approach to brand growth is focused on bringing our technology’s value and experiences to the hands of consumers, and partnering with New York City FC gives us the unique opportunity to interact with a diverse and engaged audience,” said Steve Cistulli, Senior Vice President & General Manager of North America for ALCATEL ONETOUCH. “New York City FC might be a young brand to MLS, but they’ve already built strong affinity in their community and we’re excited to join with them on growing and strengthening those fan connections.”

This new partnership with NYCFC is focused on bringing ALCATEL ONETOUCH mobile experiences to the Club’s fan base – both in-stadium and in the greater New York City communities. Specifically this engagement with fans will deliver new pre-game and in-game experiences, social media and digital campaigns, in-game brand advertising, in-market promotions and community engagement.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with ALCATEL ONETOUCH as we reach the close of our inaugural season and are excited to be working together on our journey into the seasons ahead,” said Tom Glick, President of New York City FC. “Together with ALCATEL ONETOUCH, we are going to do more for our great fans and continue building the passion for soccer in New York City.”

To learn more about the ALCATEL ONETOUCH, please visit For more information on New York City FC, please visit

*IDC – WW Mobile Phone Tracker – Q2 2015



ALCATEL ONETOUCH is a brand within TCL Communication, an international multicultural company which designs, develops, and markets globally a growing range of mobile and Internet devices. TCL Communication is a public company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (2618.HK) and part of TCL Corporation one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world.

For more information, please visit


New York City FC is the first Major League Soccer Club located within the five boroughs. Majority owned by City Football Group, which includes Manchester City FC, Melbourne City FC and Yokohama F. Marinos, New York City FC play their home games at Yankee Stadium, which is also home to minority owner, the New York Yankees. New York City FC kicked off their inaugural MLS season in March 2015. 

For more information, please visit

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Apple Shares New iPhone 6s Ads Focused on Cameras and Hey Siri

Apple has shared three new iPhone 6s television ads called The Camera, Crush and Flip a coin, the latter two starring musician and actor Jamie Foxx. The new ads continue Apple’s “the only thing that’s changed is everything” campaign, focusing on the improved cameras and hands-free Hey Siri functionality.

The Camera is a one-minute spot showing off new iPhone 6s camera features, including 3D Touch shortcuts for taking and sharing photos, Live Photos, Retina Flash and 4K video recording. It also features 1080p HD slow-mo video recording and groups of people taking selfies using the improved 5-megapixel FaceTime camera.

Crush is a shorter fifteen-second spot where Foxx is getting dressed in front of a mirror and asks, “Hey Siri how do I look,” to which Siri responds, “Judging from your voice, I’d say you must be fairly attractive.” The focus of the ad is on how “Hey Siri” allows for hands-free usage of Apple’s personal voice assistant on iPhone 6s.

Flip a coin is a similar fifteen-second spot that demonstrates hands-free Siri on iPhone 6s. Foxx is holding two movie scripts in his hand, contemplating which one to choose, before ultimately saying “Hey Siri flip a coin.” Siri responds with “Tails” and Foxx says “sci-fi western it is.”

Apple has released nearly three dozen ads for the iPhone 6s and Apple Watch over the past few weeks. Foxx starred in a similar iPhone 6s ad for 3D Touch earlier this month, while a series of Apple Watch ads have been released on two occasions focused on Apple Music, Apple Pay, Siri and messaging, fitness, maps and more.


Court orders TSA to set rules for full-body airport scanners

Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson Tours TSA Security Operation At LAX

Did you think the Transport Security Administration was reckless when it started installing full-body scanners at airports several years ago? So did the Competitive Enterprise Institute — and the libertarian think tank just won a legal victory that could make the TSA clean up its act. In the wake of a lawsuit, the US Court of Appeals has ordered the TSA to finalize a rulemaking schedule for the scanners by November 22nd. The agency was supposed to have established rules for the scanners before it even installed them, but it has dragged its heels ever since — even a 2011 order to “promptly” establish rules didn’t do much. With this ruling, the TSA doesn’t have much of a choice.

Via: The Hill

Source: Competitive Enterprise Institute


Nexus 5X vs Moto X Style (Pure Edition)

Those looking for the best bang for as little buck as possible will find a plethora of options on the market these days. Today we take a look at the Nexus 5X and Moto X Pure Edition, a couple handsets that offer reasonably high-end specs but at a price range that isn’t too hard on the wallet. It’s almost a no-brainer to put these two head to head, as we know many of you are wondering which is the better deal.

Let’s jump right into the details and find out, shall we?


Though there is only a slight price difference between these two handsets, a substantial contrast in design and materials is present. The Nexus 5X is a direct successor to the previous generation Nexus 5, something that is definitely apparent when taking a look at the plastic build. Those who loved the Nexus 5 design will feel right at home with the newer Nexus handset.

The Nexus 5X is super lightweight and provides great one-handed maneuverability. Thanks to its matte finish, rounded corners and tapered back, it also happens to be very comfortable to grip.

Nexus 5X VS Moto X Pure Edition-3

On the other hand, we have the Moto X, which is obviously the larger of the two, mostly thanks to its bigger display. Its metal frame gives it a rigid feeling you simply can’t achieve with plastic, while the curved body lets it rest comfortably in the hand. It’s not the best to operate one-handed, but its thin side bezels, small top and bottom chin make it surprisingly manageable. It’s nice to have a phone that doesn’t feel like a slippery soap bar, that’s for sure.

Nexus phones typically stick with traditional colors (black and white), but this time around Google threw in a new blue hue to spice things up a bit for Nexus 5X fans. That still pales in comparison to the endless options Moto Maker offers for the Moto X, though. Aside from all the usual colors, people can also opt for wood, leather, different colored accents, engravings and even special greetings. You can truly make the Moto X your own.

Nexus 5X VS Moto X Pure Edition-14


The Nexus 5X and Moto X both use LCD technology, but the main difference here is the size of the panel. The Moto X screen is half an inch larger at 5.7 inches. Meanwhile, the Nexus 5X display is only 5.2 inches. Another important difference is the resolution in these screens. While the Nexus 5X conforms with a 1080p definition, the Moto X sports a nice QHD 2560x1440p panel.

But resolution is only part of the equation. It is true that some 1080p screens can be better than certain QHD ones, but this is not really the case here. While the Nexus 5X has good viewing angles and an overall enjoyable experience, it just doesn’t compare to what we see in Motorola’s contender. The Moto X screen is brighter, crisper and offers more vibrant colors. Not to mention the fact that it’s significantly larger, which makes it ideal for media consumption.

Neither have bad screens, but putting them side to side makes it pretty obvious who the winner is when it comes to display quality.

Nexus 5X VS Moto X Pure Edition-19


Taking a look at the internals, we see that the 5X and Moto X are actually quite similar. The 5X is running on a Snapdragon 808 processor with 2 GB of RAM. The Moto X has the same chipset, but you also get an extra gigabyte of RAM for a total of 3 GB. Regardless, the difference is small enough to not really notice a difference in performance. Both run stock Android (near stock in the case of the Moto X), which helps significantly in terms of fluidity and overall stability. It also helps that these phones are sold unlocked and not through traditional carriers, which gets rid of bloatware woes.

Nexus 5X VS Moto X Pure Edition-18

Just in case you are curious about benchmarks, Geekbench showed no real differences in how these two score, which pretty much falls in line with our experience. It’s no huge surprise, as they use the same processor, clocked at the same speed.


A couple pieces of hardware make this year’s Nexus phone slightly superior. One of them is the addition of a USB Type-C port. This technology is reversible and makes life a whole lot easier. In a way, it’s one of those things you can’t let go of once you get a taste of what it brings. The downside is that the practical side of USB-C won’t be noticeable until more products adopt the new technology. To be honest, USB-C can be more of an inconvenience at this point, due to the lack of support.

The second key addition is the fingerprint reader in the Nexus 5X. The Moto X doesn’t sport one, and with these sensors becoming the norm, it’s a bit shocking Motorola opted for dismissing biometric authentication. The fingerprint sensor in the Nexus 5X is extremely fast and accurate. In fact, I would say it’s one of the best I have ever used. It’s a shame Motorola’s device won’t be able to take advantage of this new trend.

Nexus 5X VS Moto X Pure Edition-24

Alternatively, the Moto X does have the leg up in internal storage. You get 3 memory options: 16, 32 and 64 GB. On the other hand, the Nexus 5X only has 16 and 32 GB iterations. Furthermore, the Moto X also has support for microSD, a feature Google ditched long ago.


On the battery department, you are looking at a 2700 mAh battery on the 5X, which isn’t too bad, but it’s also not outstanding. Meanwhile, there’s a slightly bigger 3000 mAh battery in the Moto X. On paper, you’d expect a bigger difference, but that’s not really the case, at least right now.

Keep in mind the Nexus 5X takes advantage of Android 6.0’s Doze, which does offer much better standby time by putting your device in a deeper slumber when sleeping for longer periods of time. Once the Moto X gets its own taste of Doze technology, the Moto X might offer an advantage here — though the QHD display may still keep things pretty even.

Nexus 5X VS Moto X Pure Edition-1

Neither handsets feature wireless charging, but they do charge rather quickly. The Moto X takes advantage of Motorola’s TurboPower charger, while USB-C definitely speeds things up for the Nexus 5X. You will be up and running in no time if you plug in for just a little while.


It is common knowledge that Nexus phones have never been known for their cameras. Coincidentally, the same can be said about Motorola’s handsets. The good news is both Google and Motorola took things up a notch this year to make sure their flagships could keep up.

The Nexus 5X sports a brand new Sony-made 12.3 MP sensor, laser auto-focus, an f/2.0 aperture and a large 1.55 microns pixel size. On ther side, the Moto X takes advantage of a 21 MP sensor, phase detection auto-focus and a similar f/2.0 aperture. Neither have optical image stabilization, but in the 5X’s case, the improved sensor is said to make up for it.

Nexus 5X VS Moto X Pure Edition-8

The camera software isn’t spectacular in either case, but I do prefer the dedicated on-screen shutter button on Google’s camera app. It’s quicker, precise and more intuitive to use than Motorola’s tap-to-shoot method. In terms of launching the camera, they both have their quick ways of doing it: the Nexus 5X camera can be launched by double-tapping the power button, and Motorola’s phone applies the wrist-twisting gesture we know so well by now.

What about video? Both cameras can record 4K video and slow motion clips at 120 fps. I will say the 5X produces better colors and sharper video, but it gets much shakier when moving. The Moto X does produce more stable video.

Moto X camera samples

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Nexus 5X camera samples

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Overall, both cameras are great, but there are some key differences in the images they output. The 5X typically produces cooler images, as opposed to the warmer tones from the Moto X. Where the Nexus 5X does shine is in overall color reproduction and dynamic range. The colors are less vibrant in the Moto X, and I found the Nexus 5X is better at handling shadows and highlights.


Of course, the biggest advantage of owning a Nexus phone is in the software, something that doesn’t change with the Nexus 5X, as it is one of the first phones to ship with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. And since it’s a Nexus, it will have no bloatware, a stock Android experience, and quick updates. The Moto X continues to be on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, but Motorola is generally good at updating its handsets. Especially with their flagships.

Aesthetically, the software experience between these two phones is practically identical. Not much really changed in terms of looks when Marshmallow was introduced. One of the few differences is in the app drawer, which now scrolls vertically. But you could do the same in the Moto X if you download the Google Now Launcher.

Nexus 5X VS Moto X Pure Edition-15

Obviously, the main differences will come thanks to Android 6.0, which introduces Google Now on Tap, granular app permissions, Doze and other handy features. These will all come to the Moto X at some point, but that is another advantage of going Nexus. You will always get the newest software before others!

The Moto X also has its own set of tricks under the sleeve. Moto X users are huge fans of Motorola’s touchless controls, extensive gestures and getting screen notifications when slightly moving the device. It’s a special experience in both cases; you just need to figure out your preferences.


  Nexus 5X Moto X Style (Pure Edition)
Display 5.2-inch LCD display
1920 x 1080 resolution, 424ppi
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
5.7-inch display
Quad HD (2560×1440) resolution, 515 ppi
Processor 2.0GHz hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor 1.8 GHz hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor
Storage 16, 32GB 32 or 64GB
MicroSD No Yes
Software Android 6.0 Marshmallow Android 5.1.1 Lollipop
Fingerprint scanner Yes No
Camera 12.3MP rear-facing camera
5MP front-facing camera
21 MP rear-facing camera with dual LED flash
5 MP front-facing camera
Battery Non-removable 2700mAh Non-removable 3000mAh
Wireless charging No No
Dimensions 147.0 x 72.6 x 7.9mm, 136g 153.9 x 76.2 x 11.1 mm, 179g


Price & conclusion

With the Nexus 5X starting at $379 and the Moto X at $400, the $21 difference really won’t be an important factor in your decision. They are both very affordable phones that offer great bang for your buck – you really can’t go wrong with either.

Nexus 5X VS Moto X Pure Edition-21

With that said, I would personally choose the Moto X Pure Edition. Customers get a larger display, higher resolution, better build quality, microSD support and a near stock experience, as well as enhancements from Motorola. Not to mention endless customization from Moto Maker.

Of course, the Nexus 5X has its awesome fingerprint reader, USB Type-C, stock Android and a great camera, but in terms of value I say the Moto X offers more bang for your buck.

Buy Moto X Pure
Buy Nexus 5x


Watch this iPhone screen protector heal scratches within a second

The folks who came up with the self-healing iPhone case is now back with something a lot more impressive. Innerexile’s earlier technology could repair light scratches within about half a minute (given the right temperature, that is), but the latest version can do the same within just a second! Seriously, you’d have to study very hard to witness that brief magical moment, which proved to be tricky in our bronze brush test video after the break. So what’s the secret sauce behind this new coating? Well, it’s dotted with microcapsules that contain an adhesive-like liquid, and when damaged, the liquid will fill the void so quickly that you probably won’t even realize you’ve just scratched your case or screen protector.

Source: Amazon (for iPhone 6/6s), (for iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus)

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