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October 19, 2015

Seven Squares: a color matching puzzle game (App Review)

by John_A

Color matching is a game that we have been playing before most of us can remember. It’s easy, right? Not with Seven Squares. This is a puzzle game that will be enjoyed by anyone, of any age, even if you are color blind.


In Seven Squares, you are given an 8×8 board and 10 randomly generated colors. Your three initial colors are red, yellow, and orange. The goal is to match a minimum of seven squares of the same color, eliminating the matched group, and allowing you to unlock more colored squares, each worth more points.

  • Red, yellow, and orange unlock green squares
  • Green unlocks blue squares
  • Blue unlocks dark purple squares
  • Dark purple unlocks light purple squares
  • Light purple unlocks dark red crowns

One of the things I like is that when you match colors together, you are stuck with that shape and have to move the squares as a group. This will definitely make you think twice where you want to place your squares, as you can get colors blocked in fairly easily if you don’t pay attention. To match a color, simply tap the color square you want, and move it to the corresponding color. You can move squares in any direction, including diagonally, as long as there is room enough to place it. If you do not eliminate a color group, a minimum of three of the initial colors will randomly generate.

If you do succeed in eliminating a color group, you can receive the corresponding color, instead of the initial ones. The number of squares you match will determine how many of the next color will generate. A group of seven will give you one of the next colors, eight will give you two, nine will give you three, and so on. If you match nine, or more, you will receive the appropriate number of the next colors, and none of the initial colors. It can be very difficult to obtain all the colors, which could be attributed to the size of the game board.

Now, the best part of this game is you can play even if you are color blind. From the menu button, just select C. This will add letters and numbers on top of the colored squares, making it easy for you to play, even if the orange might look the same as the yellow. This feature alone makes this a great game for everyone. There is also no time limit, but you will see ads at the bottom of the screen.


The graphics are pretty basic, and the overall setup of the game is very simple and easy to use. The menu buttons are always in the top right corner. However, they are the same colors as some of the squares, so they can blend in a bit, sometimes. Despite this, it is very nice to have the menu buttons so easily accessible. The game will also save itself, making it easy to pick up right where you left off.

The game also has a tutorial section, which can be accessed at any time by pressing the “?” in the drop-down menu, along with options to select the color blind mode, rate the game, and links to two more games by the developer. You can also share the game, restart the game, or connect your facebook account. Linking your Facebook account does not allow the game to make posts for you. This is more for viewing your friends high scores. The top left of the screen will show your current score, and you can view your top score by clicking the score box.

What we liked

  • Endless gameplay
  • Very challenging
  • Simple interface

What could be better

  • Menu colors that don’t blend into the game board
  • Screen rotation support
  • Multiple game board sizes


There are many types of color matching apps on the market, but having the color blind option makes this one of the best. I really enjoyed playing this game, and will recommend it to anyone who enjoys a challenge.


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