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October 16, 2015

New video shows the BlackBerry Priv using it’s keyboard and BlackBerry Hub

by John_A

BlackBerry_Priv_Android_smartphone (2)The BlackBerry Priv has been in the news pretty much every week for months now. We are yet to see it on sale, but we are finally seeing it in use. BlackBerry has released a new video showing just how easy the new physical keyboard is to use with Android.

The video starts by showing the phone looking nice with it’s dual curved edges and the person receiving a BlackBerry messenger notification. Rather than just opening the notification, the man decides to unlock the phone and head into BlackBerry Hub. This is basically a notification headquarters where you can see and search for all your messages in one place. The man sees the time requested by his friend to go grab lunch, and with one swipe down, checks his calendar. Out pops the physical keyboard to confirm he is free and it stays open to write the address in Google Maps.

Not really sure how much faster using the physical keyboard is compared to an on-screen keyboard, but I do like how fast he checked his calendar. I hate having to exit an app just to check one thing in another app. What are your thoughts so far on the Priv?

Click here to view the embedded video.

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