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October 12, 2015

ParanoidAndroid isn’t officially dead, but it’s stuck in limbo

by John_A

Paranoid Android 3We recently heard some unfortunate rumors about ParanoidAndroid’s demise, which made sense after OnePlus scooped up most of the ROM’s development team. Turns out, those rumors might have been slightly exaggerated.

Valter Strods of the PA team has taken to Google+ to shed some light on the current state of the ROM, and while it isn’t good news, it doesn’t mean development is completely cancelled. The team needs more developers and servers, both of which are hard to come by for a ROM like this where you’re not likely to be making much money past donations from users. If the ParanoidAndroid team could secure some decent developers and somewhere to host the ROM and source code, they’d be back in business, but for right now that just isn’t the case.

The good news here is that if anyone does decide to revitalize the team with whatever they need, development should continue normally. It’s up in the air whether or not that’ll actually happen, but we can always hope.

source: Valter Strods (Google+)

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