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ParanoidAndroid isn’t officially dead, but it’s stuck in limbo

Paranoid Android 3We recently heard some unfortunate rumors about ParanoidAndroid’s demise, which made sense after OnePlus scooped up most of the ROM’s development team. Turns out, those rumors might have been slightly exaggerated.

Valter Strods of the PA team has taken to Google+ to shed some light on the current state of the ROM, and while it isn’t good news, it doesn’t mean development is completely cancelled. The team needs more developers and servers, both of which are hard to come by for a ROM like this where you’re not likely to be making much money past donations from users. If the ParanoidAndroid team could secure some decent developers and somewhere to host the ROM and source code, they’d be back in business, but for right now that just isn’t the case.

The good news here is that if anyone does decide to revitalize the team with whatever they need, development should continue normally. It’s up in the air whether or not that’ll actually happen, but we can always hope.

source: Valter Strods (Google+)

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OUKITEL’s K6000 smartphone has a massive 6,000mAh battery


OUKITEL today announced the K6000 smartphone. Unfortunately, the company didn’t announce all of its specifications, leaving those for the coming weeks. But the most staggering thing about this phone is just how large its battery is.

Powering this phone is a behemoth 6,000mAh battery that OUKITEL says can last up to 10 days on Power Saving mode. You can expect it to last 40 days straight on standby and can handle 46 hours of continuous playback. Just imagine how long this smartphone could handle video playback.

It gets even more impressive. It features flash charging, allowing you to get 2 hours of 2G talk time after just five minutes on the wire. It also has reverse charging, allowing you to charge other devices with the K6000.

OUKITEL hasn’t announced any other specs just yet, neither are their details on pricing or availability. However, that 6,000mAh battery has us intrigued, and we hope the smartphone’s hardware is just as impressive.

Anyone’s interest piqued?

source: GizmoChina

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TAG Heuer teases new Android Wear smartwatch on Twitter


TAG Heuer today took to Twitter to share a new teaser image of its upcoming premium Android Wear smartwatch. The smartwatch is called the Carrera 01 and is set to launch on November 9.

The teaser image doesn’t show much besides what seems to be a circular body. From TAG Heuer:

Obviously we don’t know much about the watch just yet, but it’s supposed to be running Intel under the hood and is expected to run for around $1800. We’ll no doubt hear more teasers on the device as we get closer to the official announcement.

In the meantime, be sure to check out TAG Heuer’s countdown page!

source: TAG Heuer (Twitter)

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Astronauts capture stunning 4K video of antacid bubbles aboard the ISS

NASA released 4K video of astronauts aboard the International Space Station experimenting with water, antacid and food coloring to create incredible, fizzing aqueous spheres in the zero-G environment. The ISS crew captured the footage with a Red Epic Dragon camera, which NASA is evaluating for use in monitoring scientific experiments, celestial phenomena and and vehicle operations. According to the space agency, this is among the first such footage of its kind. We can only hope it won’t be the last.

Via: Facebook

Source: NASA


Neuroscientists accurately predict intelligence with an fMRI scan

If fingerprints can identify individual people, imagine what a brain-print could reveal — namely, how you think and how intelligent you are. Neuroscientists studied fMRI scans of 126 patients in the Human Connectome Project, a consortium helping to map the human brain, and found consistent connections that accurately predicted “fluid intelligence,” or abstract reasoning. Their findings were published today in the journal Nature. Researchers found that the more certain regions of the brain spoke to each other, the more likely a person was to quickly process information and make inferences, Yale grad student and study co-author Emily Finn told Wired. For example, a strong connection between the frontal and parietal lobes, two areas involved in high-level functions, accurately predicted a high fluid-intelligence score.

Scientists likened these unique brain connections to fingerprints, noting that the networks identified individuals with “near-perfect accuracy in many cases.” These mental connection maps may one day be used to predict behavior (hello, Minority Report), or tailor education and healthcare programs for individual people, researchers said.

Each human’s brain produces a unique map of connections, and untangling these communications is a complex, tricky art that neuroscientists are just beginning to understand. The publication today is one step in unraveling the foundational mysteries of intelligence, thought, mental illness and personality.

[Image credit: Minority Report, Fox]

Via: Wired

Source: Nature


The $850 Archos GranitePhone promises to keep all your data secure

The Blackphone isn’t the only smartphone out there that has security as its number one feature. A partnership between Archos and secure software specialists Sikur has yielded the GranitePhone, a device that runs Sikur’s fully encrypted GraniteOS on top of Android. As its site claims, the GranitePhone encrypts every bit of communication data on the device, including calls, messages, contacts and more. While the device has Android at its core, it doesn’t look like it includes Google’s service, including the Play Store — so it’s not likely to appeal to anyone except those who really put security at the forefront.

Then there’s the cost — $850 gets you decidedly mid-range specs, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chip with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage and a 2700mAh battery. The 5-inch screen runs at 1080p, while the back and front cameras come in at 16 and 8 megapixels, respectively. Most of the users in the market for this device likely aren’t concerned about the rather pedestrian specs, though — it’s all about the encryption here. Unfortunately, the GranitePhone site only gives minimal details about what the experience of using the device will actually be like, so you’ll need to know that Sikur will do what you need it to before you plunk down your hard-earned cash.

Via: The Next Web

Source: GranitePhone


‘Firewatch’ reaches PC and PS4 on February 9th, 2016

Finding your way around in 'Firewatch'

Campo Santo’s Firewatch has racked up its fair share of hype: its creators hail from venerable studios like Telltale and Double Fine, and it’s based on the unusual premise of serving as a lookout in the Wyoming wilderness. If that sounds intriguing, you’ll be glad to hear that it won’t be much longer before you can try it yourself. The team has revealed that Firewatch will be available on Linux, Mac, Windows and PlayStation 4 on February 9th, 2016. There’s still a lot to show about the game in the months ahead, but early reports are promising. It thrives on strong characterization (you play a middle-aged man retreating from a failing marriage), and it blends first-person exploration with the challenges of a classic adventure game. Hopefully, the finished title lives up to the early promise.

Source: Campo Santo


Controlled Testing Supports Apple’s Claim of Nearly Equal iPhone 6s Battery Life With TSMC and Samsung Chips

Last week Apple addressed concerns over battery life discrepancies between the TSMC and Samsung A9 chips used in the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus, suggesting a real world battery life difference of only two to three percent between the chips despite Geekbench battery tests that had pointed towards a bigger gap.

Ars Technica has now conducted controlled battery life tests on two iPhone 6s models, one with a TSMC chip and one with a Samsung chip, and its findings line up with Apple’s statement. The site used two AT&T models, both with SIM cards removed and screen brightness set at the exact same level.

In Wi-Fi browsing, WebGL, and GFXBench tests, there were performance differences mostly in favor of the TSMC iPhone, but the variation between the two phones was slight. There was a more significant performance difference on the Geekbench 3 test, but as has been covered earlier, that test is not reflective of real world usage.

Aside from the Geekbench test, which saw a battery life difference of 28 percent between the two devices, the TSMC iPhone and the Samsung iPhone scored within two to three percent of each other. In Ars‘ opinion, in the real world, there’s going to be little difference between a Samsung iPhone and a TSMC iPhone.

So there are definitely circumstances under which the TSMC phone will last longer than the Samsung phone, but it’s not a universal problem. A Samsung chip that’s mostly idling or even one under modest CPU and GPU load, though, is going to behave in just about the same way as a TSMC chip. And the kinds of CPU-intensive work that the Samsung chip seems to struggle with just aren’t that common on smartphones. Most of the time, iPhone 6S battery life should be similar no matter which chip your phone is using.

According to Apple, the comparison of just two devices is too small of a sample size to make meaningful predictions about the performance between iPhones with Samsung chips and those with TSMC chips. As Ars points out, no one but Apple has the resources to collect enough data from enough devices to get an accurate picture of performance.

Ars Technica‘s findings do line up with what Apple says it has seen in both lab testing and data gathered from hundreds of thousands of customers. Apple has said the variation between the TSMC and Samsung chips it has observed is “well within its manufacturing tolerances” and is a level of variation that can be seen between devices that have the same chip.


Apple Partners With Imagine Dragons and One4 Project to Aid in Refugee Relief Efforts

SAP and the One4 Project today announced a partnership with the band Imagine Dragons and Apple that aims to provide support to the UN Refugee Agency as it addresses the refugee displacement crises occurring in Europe (via Forbes). The new single by the band, called “I Was Me,” is out now on iTunes for $1.29, and both Imagine Dragons and Apple have confirmed that all proceeds from its sales will go toward relief efforts.

SAP, the corporation supporting One4, has also announced it will donate 10 cents for each of the first five million purchases of the new single. Each member of the project hopes the funds not only aid in providing relief for the refugee crises, but bring the international issue into the public eye. Apple has already been supporting the relief efforts, opening up iTunes Store donations to the American Red Cross last month to help those displaced from their homes due to violence and forced to migrate across the Mediterranean Sea and into Europe. Those interested in supporting the cause can purchase “I Was Me” on iTunes right now.

Note: Due to the nature of the discussion regarding this topic, the discussion thread is located in our Politics, Religion, Social Issues forum. All forum members and site visitors are welcome to read and follow the thread, but posting is limited to forum members with at least 100 posts.


Download the Hangouts 5.0 update- Mostly bug fixes

With a lot of anticipation for the next big hangouts update in hopes of reducing lag and changing the UI, the 5.0 update is now rolling out to some users, only to bring small tweaks and big fixes. Confirmed fixes include GIF support and some very minor visual changes, such as the brief intro screen that Google has incorporated into all of their apps. Other than that, I have not noticed any changes within the app, and the performance and speed has not improved that I can tell.


Hit the download link below to try out the 5.0 update and let us know if you find any other differences. The download is 30.19 MB

Hangouts 5.0 APK link

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