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October 9, 2015

Sony denies report that its mobile division is on the market

by John_A


It’s no secret that Sony’s mobile division has struggled worldwide. The company just can’t gain traction in any market despite being a well-known brand in other industries. In fact, Sony barely gives any attention to the United States, recently canceling plans to launch the Xperia Z4v with Verizon. The only thing that seems to help Sony’s mobile division is the development of image sensors. Sony actually purchased SoftKinetic Systems in an effort to bolster this business. But image sensors may not be enough to keep Sony-made devices from disappearing. A report this week claimed what we heard months ago: Sony’s mobile division could be on the market.

Sony, though, has apparently refuted the newest report that its mobile division is going to be sold.


Multiple media outlets in China are saying that Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai is committed to making the company’s mobile division work. Sony allegedly believes that distributing content on handsets after the time of purchase is a savory opportunity that can generate revenue. But Sony has basically been doing that for years, giving Xperia device owners access to content from Sony Pictures.

We would like to remind you to take this information with a grain of salt as any official statements from Sony have not been identified. So these media outlets in China, which is not even where Sony’s headquarters is located, might be fabricating reports.

Source: cnBeta
Via: G for Games

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