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October 9, 2015

LogMeIn buys password manager LastPass for $125 million

by John_A



Remote desktop software company LogMeIn has purchased LastPass, the password manager system that was recently subject to hack, for $125 million. With this deal, nothing will be changing at LastPass, according to a post on LastPass’ official blog.

The current LastPass team will be staying with the company, and are all still driven to “deliver on the promise of privacy, security and convenience.” The only real thing that’s changing is the amount of resources LastPass has access to. With the acquisition, LastPass will have direct access to resources that will help the company continue to “innovate” and provide a secure and reliable product.

And as far as end users concern, LastPass says they’ll be able to continue to improve the password manager for their free, premium, and Enterprise customers. There’re no changes to LastPass right now, but expect some good things down the road.

It’s not official just yet, though. LogMeIn in a statement released today says that the deal is “expected to close in the coming weeks.”

source: LastPass

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