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July 31, 2015

OnePlus 2 wallpaper design explained

by John_A

oneplus_2_launch_never_settleThe story of how OnePlus designed the wallpaper for their new flagship phone, the OnePlus 2.

The lead designer, Arz, was said to have gone through 188 iterations before finally ending up with the final design for the first OxgyenOS release. Talk about Never Settle.

The first OnePlus 1 wallpaper, Pyra, was designed to be simple, and minimal while still maintaining a stock Lollipop feel. The colors were chosen to be fresh and vibrant, but not over the top.

For the second version OnePlus says they wanted to make users feel like their phone was something more personal rather than just a metal and plastic device. They got designs from all around the world before deciding on the final.

However for their second flagship phone, the OnePlus 2, things were a little different. A Swedish artist named Hampus met one of the OnePlus employees in Goa, India mentioning he would like to make some wallpapers for OnePlus. After they checked out his website they were impressed and knew he was capable of great work.

After some talking Hampus said he wanted to design the official OnePlus 2 wallpaper. They were worried that this random artist didn’t understand the work he was getting himself into. Especially since Arz, the last lead designer took 188 attempts before arriving at something perfect. Hampus didn’t mind and took on the job.

After two month an email came in from Hampus with the final design named ‘Hans’, which ended up being the new default wallpaper.

Hampus explained his process:

“I wanted to make something simple and not distracting to work well with the UI, but still at the same time look daring and inspirational. I worked with Arz to express the OnePlus feel. We wanted to somehow show the oxygen cycle in a visual and abstract way.”

Hampus also created a collection of other wallpapers included in the OnePlus 2. Hampus goes on to describe the collection.

“I’ve got too many dreams and things I want to create. Things I create might differ from each other a bit, but they all got something in common and that is the abstract, kind of surreal look. I love mixing bright, warm colors and adding small complex details. The work I’ve done for OnePlus might feel a bit psychedelic, but thats probably just an outcome of my creative mind.”

Source: OnePlus

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