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Meizu M2 AnTuTu score surfaces


Earlier today, a Meizu device, likely the upcoming M2, surfaced on AnTuTu and scored 28,047. According to previous leaks, the M2 will ship with two storage options: 8GB and 16GB. The pricing for them will be 499 Yuan ($80) and 699 Yuan ($113), respectively. We are looking at a 5-inch 720p display, 2GB of RAM, 13MP rear camera and 5MP front-facing camera. The M2 will be powered by MediaTek’s MT6753 64-bit octa-core SoC and run Android 5.0 Lollipop with Flyme UI on top of it.

The device is also expected to ship with 4G LTE connectivity and dual-SIM capabilities likes its predecessor. The Meizu M2 is scheduled to be announced at an event in China on July 29th.

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Could Google’s Pixate acquisition be the start of automated mobile apps?


Google is known for buying smaller companies and the search giant has acquired Pixate in its latest round of purchases, a company that creates tool for developers. Details on the purchase are slim, but Pixate CEO Paul Colton said that this acquisition allows the company offer their tools for free.

“We don’t want to stop there. Our small team at Pixate has some really big ideas, and with the help of Google we’ll be able to bring those ideas to the design community at scale. We’ve become an essential part of the workflow for tens of thousands of designers, and are excited about expanding our mission at Google to reach millions of product teams worldwide.”

Google said in a blog post that acquiring Pixate helps the “ongoing effort to develop new design and prototyping tools.” However, the reasoning behind the acquisition could go even deeper than that.

Pixate is a platform that will let you create prototypes of sophisticated applications that run natively on iOS and Android. It’s a powerful tool specifically for designers, but it could be the beginning of something more.

An automated world

Many web developers, whether front-end or back-end, are still relevant today, but many clients tend to disagree. That’s particularly because of services like SquareSpace, Weebly, drag-and-drop WordPress websites, and others. These services claim to offer exceptional websites at a severely discounted rate:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Drag-and-drop solutions essentially have the business model of “why pay a web developer $1500 when you could get something just as good with our service for less?” That’s where the web development world is headed: automated services that claim to do just as good as a job as a real web developers, even with years of experience.

It’ll eventually bleed over into the field of making mobile apps, too. There are already services that do that–Infinite Monkeys, Appy Pie, Zoho Creator, Salesforce1 Platform, etc. However, they don’t do it particularly well, but that could easily change.

Pixate is an extraordinary tool for designing sophisticated prototypes. And it could easily evolve into something more where a user or developer could create an entire prototype out of it–not just the design.

How long will it be before we see quality services that claim the same things as something like SquareSpace, only for app developers? Could Pixate be part of that plan, especially with Google backing them now?

source: Google, Google Design, Pixate

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Last chance for PhoneRumble Flexible + Sturdy Micro-USB 3-Pack

If you’re anything like us, there’s a strong chance you have more devices floating around your house than you know what to do with. With said devices, it’s often difficult to ensure they’re all powered-up and have access to convenient charging slots. If only there were a small, flexible, solution to solve this issue… like say, this 3-pack of twistable USB cables!

These cables are tough, durable, and crafted with resiliency in mind. At only 7″, they’re the perfect companion for your USB cubes and portable chargers. The textured rubber protects your precious wiring while the ability to bend means you’ll be able to maneuver through any charging environment. Regularly priced at $42, AndroidGuys readers can take home this special for just $13.99!

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1 Touch Studios’ Word Search App Review



ord puzzles and word searches have puzzled and entertained people young and old for years. Satisfaction of  eagerly crossing out  the elusive string of letters that your eyes  have hunted  and searched to find.

Word searches have changed with the times getting a digital stamp on mobile devices.

1 Touch Studios introduces their version of  the puzzle game entitled Word Search.


After downloading Word Search you have the option to Login in via Facebook or play as a Guest. Once you have made your selection you are introduced to the Word Search homepage where you can select from categories, game modes,languages, and also invite friends to play. Although, inviting friends might be a feature that is implemented in the future because I was unable to get that feature to work.

After getting passed the initial setup and game mode selections, you are again introduced to another Select Categories screen. This screen is filled with category options, information on your completed puzzles, keys you have achieved from your gameplay, colorful dated graphics and an extremely ugly user interface.


While playing a puzzle your screen will be surrounded by a Timer that informs you how long it takes for you to complete the word search, your Best Time and also how many words you have completed (ex: Words Found ⅛). As you slide your finger to cross out a word the letters become highlighted and if correct the letters will also be highlighted in the word bank to let you know that word is completed.

As I played Word Search all I could think of is this is why Google creates standards for mobile apps and games. Word Search user interface is extremely dated from the older unpleasing-to-the-eye icons, that was found in early Android operating systems and games, to the application’s buttons that I had to press in just the right area for them to take me to the desired screen.  Also, I understand if the game is free-to-play, advertisements will be involved. In Word Search, you have constant on-screen ads. It seemed  that while I was playing a puzzle I was interrupted constantly by ads which on top of everything listed above made me more unwilling to want to play the game. Which is unfortunate due to the fact I am a huge fan of word search games.


Word Search is intended for lovers of puzzle and word search games looking to lose the pen and paper.


  • UNLIMITED play with lots of different category puzzles to choose from!
  • KIDS section with a large selection
  • REPLAY categories to get the highest score!
What We Liked What We Didn’t Like
Wide Variety of Categories Outdated User Interface and icons
Little to no initial game setup Design and gameplay confusing and not fluid
Inability to select words backwards, you have to select the word from the beginning letters


From a youth, I have always enjoyed challenging myself with word searches from the newspapers, kids menus at restaurants, or on my mobile device.  Unfortunately, Word Search by 1 Touch Studios will not replace the word search game I currently enjoy playing on my devices

Word Search is in need of a major graphical and user-interface design overhaul. The reason Google has standards is for the end user to have an enjoyable experience with the application. I was unable to enjoy the game due to un-intuitive gameplay, not being able to select words from the end of the word, intrusive and constant ads being displayed, and a clumsy user interface. With the multitude of fun, free, and functional word search puzzles available via Google Play, I will not be able to allow Word Search to take up precious storage on my devices.

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QiLaunch is a motion-based launcher for Android

Yesterday, Quantum Interface (Qi), a software development and technology design company from Austin, TX, unveiled QiLaunch, a motion-based launcher for Android.

How is it motion-based?

It uses Qi’s “Spread” module in order to reveal levels of radial menus with just one tap of the display. When you move your finger towards one of these selections, the launcher detects which one you want and moves the menu towards you. This, then, uncovers more menus if there are any.

Here is a video of the app in action:

Words from a founder

When asked about why Quantum Interface made QiLaunch, founder and CTO Jonathan Josephson stated,

Ninety-percent of the time we spend on technology is useless. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to access something on your phone or tablet and having to tap, lift up, tap again, and swipe multiple times to find it or get to it. This is a slow and outdated way to navigate, and extremely inefficient and distracting from the task at hand. Our revolutionary interface provides a more immersive experience, presents key information the user wants and is exponentially faster than any other navigation interface now in use.

Private beta

For now, the app is in a private beta. If you’d like to try it out, go here to sign-up, but be quick. The company limits the number of testers.

Closing words

What do you think about this? Do you think there is room for QiLaunch in the mobile launcher market, and why?

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President Obama welcomes telepresence robots into the White House

President Obama greets Alice Wong via robot

If you can’t greet the president in person, don’t worry… as of now, you can send a robot in your stead. President Barack Obama has welcomed a telepresence robot into the White House for the first time, letting Disability Visibility Project founder Alice Wong attend a celebration and say hello to both Obama as well as Vice President Joe Biden. It’s not going to replace a handshake and a photo op, but it beats staying at home. It certainly won’t be shocking if you see more of these robotic stand-ins at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in the future — they could help dignitaries show up at important events when traveling to Washington just isn’t an option.

[Image credit: Pete Souza, Instagram]

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Here’s your clearest look yet at the next Moto G

Motorola's 2015 Moto G

If there was any doubt left that Motorola will unveil a new Moto G at its July 28th event, Swiss retailer Digitec just removed it. The store has posted listings for a “3rd gen” Moto G that offers the clearest look yet at what this budget smartphone will likely deliver. Besides a fresher design, it could be far more potent than its predecessor — Digitec claims that the new G touts a 5-inch 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, LTE and a 1.7GHz quad-core chip (likely the 64-bit Snapdragon 610). If it weren’t for the 8GB of expandable storage, this could easily pass for a mid-range phone. You probably won’t have to pay mid-range prices, though, since the G tentatively costs $245 off-contract in Switzerland. We’d still take the listings with a grain of salt, since retailers occasionally botch specs. If they’re accurate, though, they suggest that you’re in for a treat if you want an affordable, near-stock Android phone this summer.

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Google Drive syncs files directly from Windows Office apps

Google already added tools that help Drive play nice with Office files, and now it’s offering easy access from inside Microsoft’s apps. With a new plug-in, you can open files for Word, Excel and PowerPoint from Drive. When the time comes, you’ll be able to save them in Google’s cloud-based repository, too. It seems simple enough to use, and it’s sure to come in handy for folks who prefer Google’s storage option over Microsoft’s, but still use Office to get work done. For now, the add-on works for Office on Windows machines, and there isn’t any mention of when or if we can expect the same tool to arrive for the productivity suite for Mac.

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Hurry up and patch your Chrysler against this wireless hack

North American International Auto Show

Last week Chrysler quietly released a software update for its optional Uconnect in-car entertainment system. And while the official purpose was “to improve vehicle electronic security”, Wired reports that the patch is really aimed at fixing a terrifying flaw in the system’s security. One that could allow hackers to remotely shut down your vehicle at slow speeds or hijack its steering, brakes, and transmission.

The flaw, discovered by security researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, allows hackers to access the vehicle via a cellular connection. The pair has been working with Chrysler for the last nine months to patch the vulnerability and plans to release a portion of their work at next month’s Black Hat conference for peer review.

If you happen to drive a late model Chrysler with the optional Uconnect feature, take a moment to manually update the software. To do so, simply go to the Uconnect website and enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Your VIN is listed on both a plate in the engine compartment and also in one the the vehicles door sills; it’s 17 characters long, you can’t miss it. If the site says your car is at risk, download the update to a USB drive and plug that drive into the Chrysler’s onboard USB port. The update will automatically install and you’ll no longer have to worry about having your car hacked with you still in it.

[Image Credit: Toronto Star via Getty Images]

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Moto G 3rd Gen. press images and specs listed on Swiss retailer site


We’re mere days from the official introduction of the third generation of the Moto G series, and the device is popping up around the web in increasingly revealing leaks.

Just a few hours ago, Swiss retailer Digitec put up a listing for the Moto G 3rd Gen., complete with high quality press images showing the black and white versions of the device. The listing, which has been pulled down since news of it broke on German website, appears to confirm some of the specs that have been associated with the new Moto G over the past months.

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The images confirm that Motorola is going for a slightly more upscale design, with a finely textured back and a metallic-looking insert down the middle of the phone’s back. Only the black and white versions were listed, though if @evleaks has it right, Motorola is about to expand the availability of the Moto Maker customization program to the Moto G.

The specs included in the listing are a 5-inch Full HD display, 2GB of RAM, a quad-core processor clocked at 1.7GHz with an Adreno 405 GPU (likely a Snapdragon 610), Cat. 4 LTE, and 8GB of storage (expandable). Some of the listed specs could be placeholders, but they generally fit the bill for what we expect to be a solid mid-ranger with a killer price tag.

All will be revealed in less than a week, but now that we (think we) know all the key details about the Moto G, what do you think about it?

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