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July 28, 2015

Wireless charging will soon make its way to metal phones, thanks to Qualcomm

by John_A

More and more smartphones are launching with all-metal bodies, and that’s for good reason. Many people prefer a smartphone made of metal over, let’s say, one that’s made of glass or plastic. This unfortunately poses quite the problem when it comes to charging your device wirelessly, as the metal chassis gets in the way of current wireless charging methods. But if a recent announcement from Qualcomm proves true, we might soon be able to charge metal devices wirelessly.

This solution, which uses Qualcomm’s WiPower technology, is compliant with the Rezence wireless power standard. Qualcomm’s WiPower can operate at a frequency that’s more tolerant of metal objects that come between your wireless charger and your phone. While the company’s description as to how this tech actually works is a bit lacking in detail, for the most part, the wireless charging process seems to be similar to other methods.

This new technology also allows multiple devices to be charged at once, as long as they’re in range of the wireless charging pad.

Qualcomm is making this technology available from today for all companies who would like to adopt the Rezence standard. Many companies have been adopting Qi and PMA charging methods over the past few years, so it’ll be interesting to see which manufacturers adopt this new charging tech. Be sure to check out the video attached to this post to see it in action.

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