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July 13, 2015

Xiaomi phones have one killer feature that impacts the overall experience

by John_A


Xiaomi is a Chinese smartphone maker that may sound familiar. Although Xiaomi handsets are not popular in the United States, it is on top of all smartphone manufacturers in China. The company is mostly known for impressive devices at affordable price points.

Xiaomi started out as a software company in 2010 when it developed the very popular android skin called MIUI. MIUI offers lots of great features on top of android and has become one of the most popular customization android skins out there. The skin improves our day to day lifestyle by offering useful tools in addition to great performance and battery life.

Most importantly, the skin has one killer feature. Although it doesn’t have a specific name, the feature allows users to “lock” apps in your recent apps tray so that they’re protected whenever you attempt to free up RAM. In order to do it, all you need to do is swipe them down rather than upwards. This ensures the device has faster loading times, and allows us to lock key apps we use daily. The system doesn’t have to launch the app from scratch every time you close it out or if it’s automatically closed because the system ran out of memory. Ultimately, it results in better performance and better battery life because essentially the processor isn’t working as hard.

It may not seem noticeable unless coming from another handset, but it’s a great feature which is overseen by a lot of people. It would be great if other android skins adopted this feature into their very own skin. Or better, if Android implemented the feature into the next version of its operating system.

Via: Phone Arena

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