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July 10, 2015

Transform your tablet with Lynktec 360 degree grip stand

by John_A


he first thing majority of consumers do when they purchase a new device is rush out and also buy a case to protect their device. Device manufacturers invest a lot of time and money attempting to make the best device that they can(for the target price point) whether it’s making it physically appealing, light weight, or make sure it fits comfortably in the hand.

So if consumers want a beautiful light weight device why do they cover and bulk it up with cases? I will answer that for you, because until now that has pretty much been the only option other than purchasing a screen protector but the screen protector will not prevent drops or scratching of the rest of the device, nor provide alternate viewing angles.

Now there’s an additional alternative provided by Lynktec. Lynktec created a tablet kickstand that rotates 360 degrees allowing multiple viewing angles while attached to your device.

Design and Build Quality

The Lynktec 360 degree Grip Stand is made of rugged aluminum and equipped with a rubber base to keep the stand from slipping. The gripstand is light and adds little to no additional weight to your device, the aluminum stand gives your device a stylish premium appeal. The stand also provides you with more control of your device simply by gripping the stand’s cut outs. The cut outs also allow you to stabilize your device for photos and videos and can be used as a selfie stick.

Lynktec 360 degree Grip Stand Features.

  • Removable, reusable micro-suction pad grips firmly onto tablet without leaving sticky residue
  • Fully adjustable hinge easily adjusts your tablet to multiple  viewing angles
  • 8-directional swivel head rotates 360 degrees for both landscape and portrait mode
  • Rugged aluminum build

Lynktec back_ Lynteck side-2

What We Like

  • Beautiful premium design
  • Pinpoint adjustable directional swivel head
  • Ability to quickly add or remove the gripstand to devices

What We didn’t like

  • The kickstand is approximately half an inch too long. The current length makes you have to have additional space available.
  • The lack of device protection, the kickstand only allows you to adjust tablet viewing angles
  • The price point is a little steep when you can purchase a tablet case that protects the case completely and provides similar viewing angles and still save $25.

Final Thoughts

After using the Lynktec 360 degree Grip Stand for over a week I was very surprised on a few different levels. 1st I was surprised that it was able to stick to my rubber tablet case and it also didn’t leave any marks or stickiness on my case. 2nd I also liked that I was able to use the same gripstand on my Samsung Note 4 when I wanted to watch some Youtube videos. 3rd I enjoyed that the gripstand allowed me to control my device while taking photos  and provided comfort and stability while recording live video on my Periscope stream.

The Lynktec Grip Stand is a great accessory to have around the house/office providing great viewing options in either landscape or portrait mode. Gripstand is lightweight and can be easily interchanged from device to device with excellent build quality and the premium look gives your device pizazz. The only drawback is that gripstand doesn’t completely alleviate the need for device protection, you will still need a screen protector or case if you want device protection.

Lynktec 360 degree Grip Stand is available for purchase by clicking this link for $39.99.

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