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March 20, 2015

Fitness Magazine Shares Behind-the-Scenes Details on New Apple Watch Cover

by John_A

The Apple Watch has already been spotted within the pages of several fitness and fashion-oriented magazines during the month of March as Apple makes an advertising push ahead of the device’s launch, and as of this week, it’s also scored a spot on the cover of Fitness Magazine.

On the cover, model Kate Bock wears an Apple Watch sport with an aluminum band. The Apple Watch feature focuses heavily on images and doesn’t offer much in the way of details compared to other Apple Watch magazine spots, but Fitness shared some information about the shoot with MacRumors, giving us an interesting inside look at Apple’s Apple Watch marketing efforts.

Apple first reached out to the magazine about HealthKit following the launch of the iPhone 6, which developed into a relationship that allowed Fitness to be the first women’s magazine to photograph the Apple Watch back in early December.

The prototype Apple Watch that was provided to Fitness and photographed on the wrist of Kate Bock was accompanied by an Apple security detail to prevent it from disappearing. Apple representatives were also on hand to approve the photos that were taken.

Ahead of the shoot, Apple asked Fitness to share details on the concept of the cover, who would wear the watch, and what the model would be wearing. After the photo shoot, Apple’s own creative team was involved in editing the photos to make sure the Apple Watch looked good. Fitness Editor-in-Chief Betty Wong described the process to MacRumors, and shared her plans for future Apple Watch features in the magazine.

Apple was pretty engaged from the beginning and wanted to know details like who would be model be who would be wearing it, what sort of attire would she be wearing and what the concept of the cover would be. They liked FITNESS for our tech-savvy, goal-oriented female audience, and thought we’d be great partners in helping showcase the Apple Watch.

Apple reps were on-set at our cover shoot for the whole day to make sure the watch was photographed well. Then once we made our selects, their creative team helped with the retouching to make sure the face of the watch was lit up and live.

I hope to be able to get my hands on an Apple Watch Sport sample in the coming month and really put it to a sweat test for to see how useful it is in helping our readers stay motivated to exercise, keep track of their physical activity, or connect with people and their to-do lists while out for a run.

With the Apple Watch positioned as Apple’s first wearable accessory, it’s no surprise to learn the company has been carefully curating its image and exercising control over the way it’s portrayed in magazines. Apple wants people to see the Apple Watch as fashionable, sporty, and genuinely useful to the average person rather than as something geeky and technical that doesn’t belong in the fashion world. Thus far, Apple’s Apple Watch marketing efforts have been split between posing the Apple Watch as a fashion statement and as a fitness accessory.

On the fitness side, the Apple Watch has been featured in this month’s issue of Fitness and it was on the cover of the March issue of Self magazine, on the wrist of Candice Swanepoel. Self did a full feature on the Apple Watch, highlighting its accelerometer, heart rate sensor, and more. Model Christy Turlington has also been promoting the fitness-oriented features of the Apple Watch, both on stage at Apple’s March 9 event and on a personal blog on Turlington is using the Apple Watch as she prepares for the London Marathon in April.

On the fashion side, the Apple Watch has been featured in Vogue, Style, East Touch, and YOHO. Late last year, it was on the cover of Vogue China and it was shown off at an exclusive event at Parisian fashion boutique Colette. It will also be featured in a number of high-end exclusive popup shops around the world after it’s released.

As the launch of the Apple Watch creeps closer, it’s likely the device will continue to appear within an increasing number of magazines and newspapers as Apple attempts to market the device to a wide range of potential customers. The Apple Watch will be available beginning on April 24, but it will be available for pre-order and in-store try ons starting on April 10.

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