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AT&T’s latest smartwatch for kids is both easier and tougher

Filip 2 smartwatch

Your kids may be too young to put a Moto 360 or Pebble on their wrists, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have to go without a smartwatch. AT&T is now selling the FiLIP 2, an upgraded version of last year’s hybrid kid locator and wrist-worn phone. The new version is easier for parents to set up through mobile apps and better suited to real-world use. The screen has been toughened up to survive some roughhousing at the playground, and the wristband is now both more comfortable and adjustable; your children won’t have to stop using the watch just because they’ve had a growth spurt. If you’re anxious about your young ones’ safety, you can snag the FiLIP 2 for $100 ($150 after the holidays) plus $10 per month to add the wristwear to your phone plan.

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LifeCHARGE Glide for Galaxy S5 Review: “Enjoy more CHARGE in your Life”


Do you or a friend own a Galaxy S5? Do you feel like you just can’t get through the day on a single charge? Or are you a light user that doesn’t like to charge your phone everyday and want to go 2 full days on one charge? If you answered “Yes” to any of those 3 questions, then you might want to keep reading. The LifeCHARGE Glide Slim might just be what you’re looking for.

When LifeCHARGE offered me to review this battery case my first thoughts were of my stepfather’s constant complaining about the poor battery life of his newly acquired GS5. Although he’d just moved up from the GS3 and said the battery life was much better, he still wasn’t satisfied. So I had LifeCHARGE send one out to me for review. This is the second time they send my a battery case for review. (The first one was for the iPhone 5/5s which you can find my review on my Profile Page.) And I have to give them major props on both the quality of there products & their service.
I usually understand how to use a product at first glance. Give me 5 minutes and I’ll be using it as if I personally invented it. Assembling this is as easy as it gets. You seriously won’t need instructions. As to how it works, now that’s a little more complicated. To put it simply: just assemble, charge, and forget. The reason I say that is because once you plug in your original battery to this battery pack the phone treats both batteries as one single battery. There are no on/off buttons or battery indicator on the case. Everything is treated as a single battery. So instead of having a single 2600mAh battery, it’s more like having a 5000mAh battery powering your phone.

I have to admit that it did catch my off guard at first. When I didn’t see a power button, I was a bit confused. I had to contact customer service to find out how it worked. Once I assembled it I assumed that it would just start working right away, but you have to charge it once connected so that the 2 batteries can sync up. Once that’s done, just forget about it and keep it moving as if nothing had changed. Now let’s wrap it up with The Good, The Bad, & The Bottom Line.

The Good:
+ Easy Assembly. It couldn’t be much easier.
+ It’s very easy to use.
+ Once you connect it, you can forget about it.
+ Protects your phones from falls. It isn’t going to survive some crazy 2 story drop, but a drop om chest level should be fine.
+ Doesn’t add to much bulk. Surprisingly enough I actually like the added bulk although it isn’t much. This is coming from a guy who hates cases all together.
+ Soft touch finish is an added bonus that makes it feel better then the actual GS5 back.

The Bad:
– The phone is no longer waterproof with this case on. Which isn’t such a big deal anyways considering the average consumer forgets the phone is waterproof anyways.
– The screen itself isn’t so well protected. If it drops directly on the screen it will still shatter like any other. My solution to that is to buy yourself a tempered glass screen protector.

The Bottom Line:
The bottom line is that this case’s positives far outweigh it’s negatives. It’s definitely a good buy for anyone who wants to get the most out of their GS5. Battery life went from about 17hrs with 3.5hrs Screen on time to 2 days with 6.5hrs of screen on time. I’d recommend it, and it also makes a great gift. I hope you guys enjoy more CHARGE in your Life.

Amazon Link : LifeCHARGE Glide GS5

Price: $69.99

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Primecast enjoys 36 hours of service before shutting down


A few days ago, an app allowing Amazon Prime Instant Video content to be mirrored to Chromecast arrived in the Play Store. Primecast is now nonexistent after thirty-six hours of service. The app was pulled from Google Play. We assume Amazon stepped forward with some legal formalities that prevented Primecast from remaining in service.

The developer, at this time, is unsure whether or not Primecast will return to the Play Store. We wouldn’t count on it. At the very least, we can hope that Amazon sees there is a demand for its content to have Chromecast support.

Source: Primecast

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Google opening Motorola’s Spotlight Story animated shorts for all Android devices


Among the many things that the original Moto X was praised for was the Spotlight Story animated shorts. They were fully interactive from from the boot animation onward, arriving at random points. First was Windy Day and then came Buggy Night. It was strictly limited to Motorola devices. However, it turns out that the Spotlight Story animated shorts will be heading to all Android devices in 2015. Why? Because the feature belongs to the Advanced Technologies and Products (ATAP) division that Google retained after selling Motorola.

The next animated short is Duet. Disney animator Glen Keane is developing the story that shows two people connect and fall in love, but starting from meeting each other at a young age. This animated short will arrive first for the Moto X and Moto X by the end of this year before heading off to all other devices. Then, also in 2015, a live action animated short part of the Spotlight Story series will be released.

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Google Fit support sprints to Nike+ Running app


As the days go by, Google Fit earns itself more support from health/fitness tracking applications. The latest app to connect itself to Google Fit is Nike+ Running. It now combines data obtained from wearables with Google’s new platform. It all comes together to create a complete user profile. In addition to getting Google Fit support, Nike+ Running now works with the Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

Hit the break for the changelog and download links.

What’s New

  • Nike+ Running now works seamlessly with Google Fit. To connect your Nike+ account with Google Fit, upgrade to the latest version of the Nike+ Running app (v1.5), and follow the automatic connection prompts. Connecting to Google Fit is optional and may be turned on/off in your application Settings.
  • Nike+ Running is now fully compatible with the Samsung Gear S.

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Play Store Download Link

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LG ‘H Series’ with Android 5.0 Lollipop is coming


Having the latest version of Android running right out of the box is a beautiful thing. It cuts out having to deal with software updates early on. A new batch a devices from LG, currently going by H Series, will have Lollipop sweetness ready to go. The specifications for such devices are going to be on the low-end. The display resolution, revealed in a user agent profile, was listed as 1280×720.

The H Series from LG is expected to launch in the United States early next year. The only carrier at this time to be offering one of its devices is AT&T.

Via: My LG Phones

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Ghosts in the room? It’s just your frazzled brain

Film Review Paranormal Activity 4

You know that “chill” in the air that makes you feel as if someone — or something — is watching you, lurking behind your back? It’s referred to as a “feeling of presence” (FoP for short), and surprise: It has nothing to do with paranormal encounters and everything to do with your brain. In fact, it can even be induced by a robot.

By studying several patients with neurological disorders, scientists from Switzerland have discovered that the eerie sensation isn’t a result of ghoulish activity, but rather a misattribution of sensorimotor signals in your noggin. Basically, due to damage or confusion in specific parts of the brain, your own neural activity is mistaken as an otherworldly presence. You are the ghost (just try explaining that concept to your little’uns). What’s more, lead researcher Dr. Giulio Rognini and his team built a machine that creates similar sensory errors when test subjects poke it, causing them to become overwhelmed with spooky vibes as it returns the favor (check out the video below). The important aspect of the study, though, is that Rognini believes the technology can be used inversely to help restore schizophrenic patients to a healthy mental balance.

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LG G3 running Android 5.0 Lollipop has leaked

LG G3 Press Photo

Android 5.0 Lollipop has been officially announced since October 15th, and we have already seen plenty of devices sporting the newest version of Android. Some of those devices include the Galaxy S5, Moto X (2014), Xperia Z3, and the HTC One M8. The latest device to get its dosage of Lollipop is the LG G3.

The latest leak of the G3 running Lollipop is from a Vietnamese source and it is good to see how LG will incorporate their UI into the new update. You can see in the images that LG still uses the old navigation bar soft-keys. It could be that this is just an early build, or LG has decided against the new triangle, circle, and square buttons seen on the Nexus devices.

It is also worth noting that LG still has the same icons in the notification panel, such as the battery, Wi-Fi, mobile signal, etc. From there on out it is Lollipop through in through, such as the new drop down notification panel with its opacity and the multitasking menu.

Although there’s no expected date for the LG G3 update it could definitely receive it before the end of the year. The G3 is LG’s best selling phone and they definitely want to keep up with the competition. The leaked images of the device can be seen below.

G3 18


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LG first to roll out Android 5.0 Lollipop (OTAs start next week)

G3 + Lollipop

LG has officially announced that their highly-touted G3 will be the first device to receive the all-new Android 5.0 Lollipop update starting this week. The update will start in Poland with other markets such as the United States to be announced at a later date. To go along with the G3 receiving the new update, LG did state that they will announce an upgrade schedule for their other devices at a later date.

CEO and President of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company Dr. Jong-seok Park had this to say:

LG is absolutely committed to giving our customers the best mobile experiences available and bringing Android Lollipop to G3 owners as soon as possible is a top priority. The new features and improvements in Android 5.0 will bring a whole new user experience to the G3 and make it even better than it already is.

Earlier today we posted leaked screenshots from the G3 running Lollipop, and you can view that here. When update schedules get released, we’ll be sure to have you covered. Be sure to bookmark out Android 5.0 Lollipop Watch, too!

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[VIDEO] Android 5.0 Lollipop running on the Moto X Pure Edition looks amazing in 9 minute demo

Android 5.0 Lollipop running on the Moto X Pure EditionYesterday, there was talk of Motorola pre-emptively putting up pages for soak tests of the Android Lollipop update to the Moto X and Moto G. Of course, those pages have since been taken down, but today we have something even better to share. Droid-life has managed to get their hands on the soak test itself which shows Android 5.0 Lollipop running on the Moto X Pure Edition and have even captured the update for those who are lucky enough to have the Pure Edition of the Moto X (2nd gen). Check out the 9 minute video below which details a lot of the changes that come with this latest update:

As you can probably see, both Google and Motorola have made quite a few changes since their last software iteration. Naturally, the Lollipop update overhauls the entire interface of Android itself, but Motorola appears to have also streamlined its presence in areas like notifications and gestures. It’s definitely an impressive showing, and is a great tease of things to come for Motorola devices and presumably also Nexus devices seeing as Motorola’s devices run almost stock Android software.

What do you think of Android 5.0 Lollipop running on the Moto X Pure Edition? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Droid-life, XDA

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