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Google Play Music’s Material Design update and Songza integration starts to rollout [APK Download]

I know you have all been eagerly waiting for the new Material Design elements of Google’s redesigns to come through to all of our apps. I know I have been. One app that seems to be the hottest topic and most sought after is the update to Google Play Music. I am happy to report that the update that moves Play Music to v5.7 is now starting to roll out to devices.

Google Play Music  APKGoogle Play Music  APKGoogle Play Music  APKThe update ties the app in with the look and feel of the Play Store, Google+ and other apps that already have the changes. You get the slide out navigation with the animated hamburger icon rotating to an arrow. You get a ton of color, bigger images and a lot more. While the new look is a pretty big deal, it is the integration of a new-ish service to Play Music. A while back Google purchased Songza. While the reports said that Sangza would remain its own company, we all knew Google would do a little cross integration to their own services. Today’s update also does just that.

Google Play Music Songza APK

If you are an AllAccess subscriber you will find a new section in the Listen Now area that will constantly change based on the time of day, activity or even for your mood. Offering you music that is curated specifically for Waking Up Happy, Working Out, Driving or many more. The new activity section is available online and should be making its appearance on your device after the update.

I know you all hate waiting about as much as w do., so the APK for the latest update, which carriers version number 5.7.1717Q.1530520, is linked below for you. If you would rather check the Play Store to see if the update is available, that link is below also.

DownloadGoogle Play Music v5.7

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Android 4.4.4 and Eye Experience update rolling out for T-Mobile HTC One M8

Looks like today is a double good day for T-Mobile HTC One M8 owners. Not only is Google Play Music getting an update that brings Material Design styles to the app, but you guys are also getting an OTA. The update that has started to make its way to devices is Android 4.4.4. The update weighs in at 255MB and moves your build number to 3.32.531.2. While deing on the most currently official Android version is nice, the update brings something a bit more interesting and exciting for M8 owners, the HTC Eye Experience.

HTC eye Experience

The Eye Experience was first shown off by HTC at a press event on October 8th where they debuted the HTC Re and HTC Desire Eye. While the devices were pretty sweet, it was the mention of the Eye Experience software heading to the One M7, One M8 and One E8 that was a bit more exiting. After all, many of us aren’t ready to buy a new phone for some software when our M8 or M7 are still perfect. Some of the key comments include:

  • Auto and Voice selfie taking
  • Enhanced group video call with face tracking to keep you framed and focused
  • Split capture by taking a photo/videos with the front and rear camera at the same time.
  • Crop me in will let you crop your self into photos
  • And a few more

The update is rolling out to T-Mobile HTC One M8 owners starting today. While the T-Mobile support site isn’t updated to reflect it, we have seen a few posts from people saying they have it. I assume it will roll out in stages and could take a bit of time for ever M8 owner to receive. Be sure to check for the update through Settings > About Phone > Software Updates > Check Now. Don’t forget, a battery that is charged of 50% , Wi-Fi and a bit of time to get it downloaded and installed is recommended. Should take about 15-20 minutes.

Via HTCSource

Visual overview of the Eye Experience available at

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Apple Reportedly Preparing Holiday Launch of Apple Pay Loyalty Rewards Program

passbook_icon_ios_8Apple may have its rumored loyalty rewards program ready for the holiday shopping season, claims Bank Innovation. The loyalty program originally was thought to be launching alongside “Apple Pay 2.0″ in October 2015, but recent reports suggest Apple may be pushed it ahead by a year due to merchant demand.

The loyalty program looks like it will come this year, based on Digiday’s timetable. This was unexpected — many had assumed the program would wait until the launch of Apple Pay 2.0, tentatively scheduled for October 2015. It looks like market demand pushed the timetable up to this holiday season, which my sources within the retail industry have said for sme time is “super unlikely.”

A previous report from Digiday, described as being “pretty accurate” by Bank Innovation sources, claims Apple plans to monetize its mobile payment system by integrating iAds with Apple Pay. This iAds portion of the loyalty system allegedly will use iBeacons and Bluetooth LE to push targeted ads with a “tap-to-buy” button to customers while they are visiting a participating merchant.

One way they’ve [Apple] thought up is, say you’re in a Duane Reade, hypothetically. You get a push notification from Pepsi that they’ve worked out a deal with Duane Reade that you can get a free case of Pepsi. Just pick it up and use Apple Pay at the counter.

Apple Pay officially launched yesterday and is compatible with major payment network, including American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. In-store NFC payments will require the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, while those devices and the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 will be able to make online purchases with Apple Pay.


Dish loses Cartoon Network, CNN and other Turner channels

Starting today, Dish customers will no longer have access to a number of networks from Turner Broadcasting, after both parties couldn’t come to terms on a contract extension for these. Among the channels now removed from Dish’s programming are: Boomerang, Cartoon Network, CNN, CNN en Español, HLN, truTV and Turner Classic Movies. As you’ll notice, others like TBS and TNT aren’t included here, and that’s because they’re part of a different agreement. Dish is unsure of when, or if, the missing Turner channels will be brought back, but the company says it is “committed to reaching an agreement that promptly returns this content to Dish’s programming lineup.” If they do, we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

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Google now lets you prove your identity with a USB security key

It shouldn’t surprise you that Google’s a big proponent of online security, and that’s why it’s rolling out support for a new way to prove you are you who are: a USB Security Key. Google’s normal approach to two-step authorization involves getting a text on your phone to verify your identity, but that isn’t always ideal. Maybe you suck at keeping your phone charged. Or maybe you’re abroad (your author’s had to deal with that particular headache a few times) and don’t want to get slammed with roaming charges. Having a dedicated secure USB key around means you’ll be able to log into Google’s ecosystem without having to worry about phishing or having your phone handy.

Alas, there are a few caveats: you have to be a Chrome user, for one. You can’t turn any ol’ thumb drive laying around into a security key, either – it’s got to be one that supports the FIDO authentication standard. Still, there’s some more icing on this cake: other sites and services can choose to use FIDO authentication too, and plenty of big name players like Microsoft, Alibaba and PayPal have already pledged their support. Thinking of taking the plunge? You can claim some compatible hardware for just under $20, so there’s no excuse for not locking your digital world down.


Source: Google


Atom-scale brain sensors will show exactly how your mind works

Brain activity, computer artwork.

Neural activity maps frequently present an incomplete picture of how a brain works; you can measure electrical activity, stimulate it or visualize the anatomy, but you can’t do all three. DARPA and the University of Wisconsin might just pull off that seemingly impossible feat, however. They recently built a hybrid brain sensor that combines both electrical and optical techniques to present a vivid picture of what’s happening inside the mind. The sensor is primarily made of ultra-thin graphene (just four atoms thick) that both conducts electricity and lets light through. By putting this device on top of neural tissue, you can simultaneously create brain activity and monitor virtually every aspect of it. Graphene is safe for your body, too, so you shouldn’t face the same risks you see with metal alloys.

It’s still early days for the project, so you won’t be getting graphene-based implants in the near future. However, a finished version might do wonders for medicine. Doctors and scientists could see tighter correlations between activity in certain parts of the brain and related behavior, which could help them study and hopefully treat diseases that previously remained a mystery.

[Image credit: Science Photo Library – SCIEPRO/Getty Images]

DARPA's graphene brain sensor

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ZTE planning to announce new flagship on October 23rd


ZTE have been on a streak recently releasing a ton of solid mid-range devices including the Grand X Max and the ZMax, but for the first time in a long time the budget-friendly manufacturer is preparing to launch a flaghship. With plans to launch on the 23rd (this Thursday), the ZTE Z5 takes some design cues from Nokia’s Lumia devices. 

Not much is known about the device but according to ZTE, the Z5 will feature a 13-megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization and a Neovision professional camera interface. According to their press material it is also supposed to run Android 5.0 Lollipop, but considering Google’s Nexus devices haven’t shipped with the new OS, its safe to assume that the Z5 will ship with Android 4.4 and will be updated to 5.0. The company is also expected to launch an NBA variant due to their partnership with the Houston Rockets. Let us know in the comments if ZTE’s upcoming flagship tickles your fancy.

Source: My Drivers
Via: Android Headlines

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Google Play Music gets Material Design, benefits from Songza


Google has released an update to Google Play Music that bring both their new Material Design to the app as well as functions modeled after features found in Songza, in particular the Concierge option. The update to incorporate Material Design is no surprise and we even saw a port of it get out over the weekend. This update starting to rollout today makes the new look official though. Besides the benefits of Material Design, Google is also working on making the service more useful for listeners with the new features that have been added no doubt thanks to their acquisition of Songza.

One of Songza’s claims to fame was their Concierge function. This feature provided users with a list of activities or settings that listeners could select to launch a playlist matching what they were doing. For example, listeners could choose from activities like working out or studying or trying to go to sleep. As Play Music’s product manager Elias Roman indicates, the new options give Play Music “context.”

Google makes this work by collecting data like time of day, location, or the device a user is listening on. However, the final stage is handled by real people who help put together the play lists and determine what will next. The end result for users is that they can access a fairly well put together playlist with only a couple taps.

Google hopes Play Music is a step above what Songza was offering though. To get there, Google is limiting these improvements to All Access subscribers. For those who can access the new lists, which appear on the “Listen Now” page, they will not have to deal with ads. Users also get full control over the playlists, reordering songs or cutting them out completely. Users will also be able to launch a radio station based on a song they hear or add it to their Play Library. Google is also making it possible to download the playlists, up to around 25 songs, for offline listening.

You probably already have Play Music installed on your Android device, but if for some reason you don’t, use one of the links below to grab it from the Play Store. You can also check for the update using the links.


qr code

Google Play Download Link

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T-Mobile to Offer $0 Down iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 Pre-Orders Tomorrow [iOS Blog]

tmobilepreorderT-Mobile today announced plans to begin accepting pre-orders for the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 on Wednesday, October 22, offering its 16GB entry-level models for $0 down and $26.24 per month for qualified Simple Choice customers.

T-Mobile’s customers who have a Simple Choice plan can add a tablet to their plan for $10 per month, getting up to 5GB of data based on their existing plan.

The company has set up pre-registration pages for the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3, letting customers sign up to be notified via email when the tablets become available for pre-order. As outlined by Tmonews, here are the planned prices for the Cellular + WiFi tablets the company will offer to consumers:

iPad Air 2 pricing
16GB – $0 down, 24 monthly payments of $26.24
64GB – $99 down, 24 monthly payments of $26.24
128GB – $199 down, 24 monthly payments of $26.24

iPad mini 3 pricing
16GB – $0 down, 24 monthly payments of $22.08
64GB – $99 down, 24 monthly payments of $22.08
128GB – $199 down, 24 monthly payments of $22.08

While T-Mobile will begin accepting pre-orders on October 22, it remains unclear when the tablets will actually be available in stores for purchase. According to T-Mobile, regular sales of the iPad will kick off “within a week.”


Google adds USB Security Key support to make their 2-Step Verification more robust


Google’s 2-Step Verification is currently the most secure method of signing into your Google account but today the search giant have one-upped their own robust security system by launching Security Key. Security Key is similar to 2-Step Verification except instead of typing in a unique code, you simply insert the USB Security Key. The USB first verifies that the site you’re on is a legitimate Google site and then prompts you to tap the USB key.

The Security Key and Google Chrome use the Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol so this verification process can easily be implemented into other sites and browsers. While Security Key works with Google Accounts for no extra charge, users will have to purchase a U2F-compatible USB device from the vendor of their choice. Hit the source to learn more about Google’s awesome new security measures.

Source: Google

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