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September 29, 2014

DU Speed Booster review

by John_A


Like trying to eat a ketchup Popsicle while wearing white gloves, downloading apps and customizing your device is bound to leave its mark on your phone’s processing power and memory capacity. Many of today’s most popular apps, games, and utilities embed themselves into your device’s background processes, leeching away your precious system power. While there are more task managers available than you can shake a stick at, I jumped right in by trying DU Speed Booster on for size. I was very pleased with their Battery Saver app and hoped for more of the same. Spoiler alert: it didn’t disappoint.

The first thing I was confronted with upon installation was the beautiful GUI. The purple-hued space theme is smooth, tranquil, and well designed for folks, like me, that appreciate minimalism in design. What was interesting was the presence of a floating spaceship-esque icon that hovers atop your home screen and wallpaper pages. I was initially put off at the idea of an un-nested piece of clutter but quickly found myself enjoying the convenience of having the Speed Booster so easily at hand.

The things this app does best are cleaning and optimization. It’s nice to have control over system processes, auto-start apps, and the ability to truly rid yourself of junk files and unwanted data. With a simple touch, you can instantly boost your device’s speed without compromising the integrity of your Android OS. While I wasn’t super blown away by the speed increase, I attribute that to having a very lean and modern device to begin with. I can only imagine that folks with older or slower devices will have their socks blown off at the shot in the arm that this will provide. Gamers will rejoice to find the Game Booster functionality that monitors which games are installed and optimizes them for peak performance. I don’t do much heavy gaming so I wasn’t able to take advantage of it but it’s certainly nice to know that it’s there.

The control that DU Speed Booster affords you over things such as app permissions, un-installations, cache and trash would be reason enough to download this. Factor in the cost, FREE, and the built-in Antivirus scanner and you have yourself a powerhouse program that definitely belongs in your My Apps list.

Check out DU Speed Booster on Google Play

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