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September 27, 2014

Leaks point towards a 5.5″ Samsung Galaxy A7

by John_A


For those of you looking for premium build on a mid-range device, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha was probably music to your ears. However, for some people 4.7″ is not a big enough screen size. It appears that Samsung is coming to the rescue for those users thanks to a new leak from SamMobile. New details about Samsung’s next A series phone, the Galaxy A7, have been released by Zauba. According to the site, the A7 (or SM-A700 at it is referred to in the shipping listing) will feature a 5.5″ screen.

Galaxy A7 Zauba listing

While this is sure to please many people, it has been previosly confirmed that the A7 will ship with a 720p display. This resolution is decent on the Alpha’s 4.7″ display, but 720p at 5.5″ will not provide a sharp display. However, it is still passable, and for those of you who are not obsessed with pixels, it should not be a problem.

Now comes pricing. The listing on Zauba shows a per unit cost of 12,474 rupees which comes out to around $200. This phone at that price would be fantastic, but SamMoblie is claiming that the phone could retail for up to $500. While $500 is not a bad price for a 5.5″ quality smartphone, there are definitely other alternatives with similar screen sizes that come in at less money. Other details provided by SamMobile on the Galaxy A7 include LTE support and dual SIM slots.

What are your first impressions of this new information on the Galaxy A7? Tell us in the comments!

Via: SamMobile Source: Zauba

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