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September 26, 2014

Angry Birds Transformers soft launches in NZ and FI; There is more than meets the eye with one

by John_A

Back in June Rovio let it be known that yet another big movie named title would get the Angry Birds treatment. This time around it would be Angry Birds Transformers. I had fully expected Rovio to do a similar take as they did with the Star Wars themed variants. That is certainly not the case though. A game play trailer has recently been released which shows us a small look at what to expect, and it certainly doesn’t carry a sling shot with it.

See what I mean. Not your typical Angry Birds style game. Instead you run along in almost a 2D platform runner style game taking out pigs in the distance with your various weapons. You also notice a little transforming going on to move along faster to avoid falling objects. Taking a quick look back at the original landing page that was set up months ago we see a fun old school VHS style video that was released back in August and little blurbs about HASBRO Angry Birds Transformer Telepods and the ability to utilize your friends robots to complete missions. Why do I have a feeling there will be a whole Angry Birds Transformers line of plush toys and animated shorts coming too.

Rovio seems to have the new title available in New Zealand and Finland right now for a soft launch on iOS devices with a full blown iOS launch slated for October 15th. Us Android users will need to wait for the Play Store rollout which is set set for October 30th. Lets hope Rovio managed to fine tune the game play and IAP options by then to make it worth the download.

Source: Angry Birds Transformers Via Droid-Life

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