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September 18, 2014

Verizon could unveil Motorola’s latest Droid in October

by John_A

Verizon, Motorola, Droid

After Google had bought Motorola Mobility, one of the aspects of the smartphone world they wanted to focus on was battery life. Their smartphones over the last couple of years have done well, particularly the Droid Maxx series, with battery life lasting over two days with normal usage. As they continue to discover new ways to increase battery life, it seems they want to help battery life by providing fast charging.

CNET reports that people close to Verizon have informed them of a new phone Verizon plans to unveil in October. Like most of the Droid phones this phone will be made by Motorola, and its unique feature will be fast charging. So even if your phone is close to dying, plugging it in for a few minutes will theoretically give you enough juice to last throughout the day.

Phones from Samsung and Oppo have already touted this feature, but Motorola has also introduced this in another phone. Motorola’s newest Moto X was announced to have a similar ability, with 15 minutes of charging giving you enough battery to last for 8 hours. I’m assuming the new Droid will have even more impressive fast-charging capabilities. The @DroidLanding Twitter account tweeted on September 9 “Faster charging is a big deal. That’s why we made it a bigger deal.”

The Droid line has had impressive battery life, this will certainly help things.

What do you think? Would this feature bring you to buy this phone? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

via CNET

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