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September 17, 2014

T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 7.0 plan is here, check it out before the 23rd!

by John_A


Today is the day! T-Mobile’s new Wi-Fi CellSpots are available in stores, and the other facets of their Uncarrier 7.0 plan are in full effect!

T-Mobile – Canton, OH

After a week of waiting, I walked into my local T-Mobile corporate store to see about picking up a new Wi-Fi CellSpot. They had them in stock, but barely knew what the devices were, let alone how they would process an order for one, so I waited for the kind representative who had the bad luck to have to assist me to read up on what exactly the device is, does, and how to sell it.

Insert 10 minutes of Jeopardy theme music.

The representative disappeared behind the employee doors and re-emerged with the coveted Wi-Fi CellSpot. I began to salivate, idly thumbing the raised numbers on my debit card, ready for throw my $25 at T-Mobile. He placed the box on the counter before me.

T-Mobile CellSpot

Another five minutes of reading followed by a confused “I’m not sure I can sell this yet” and the near hospitalization of the representative, were I not a praying man.

After another 20 minutes of listening to the salesman talk to customer service he redirected his attention to me with bad news, and some unexpected good news.

The bad news was that I wouldn’t be paying the $25 deposit required of post-pay customers to take home my very own CellSpot today, I would have to wait seven business days for the router to be shipped to me. The good news, however was that because I came in before September 23rd, I wouldn’t have to pay the deposit at all.

T-Mobile CellSpot receipt


If you want one of these bad-boys, get to a store before the 23rd so you don’t have to pay the deposit.

If you’re interested in reading the specifics on T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 7.0 strategy check out their page here

Or watch this video for the highlights:

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