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September 17, 2014

[New Game] Alien Creeps TD a tower defense alien killing machine

by John_A

Looking for a new tower defense game to kill the long work hours of Wednesday? Outplay Entertainment Ltd just released a new one that looks pretty good called Alien Creeps TD.

Alien Creeps TDThe title gives the gist of the game. It is a tower defense game that pits you against an age old alien invasion story line.  It brings over 50 insane challenges to complete, 25 explosive two minute rounds optimized for mobile, 60 achievements, 50 towers to use and upgrade, Heroes to deploy, reinforcements and airstrikes to share with your friends (via Facebook login. Not required to play though.)

Alien Creeps TDAlien Creeps TD

Unlike some of the other tower defense games I have played, this one has a bit more to it. You don’t really have the ability to place the towers where you want like you do in Field Runners. The Aliens have a pre-determined path and you can only build your towers on pre-determined bunker locations. You have to use your engineer between matches to upgrade your towers, which takes time or gems, once upgraded then you can use the energy collected killing aliens to upgrade during battle. During game play you have control of physical troops from infantry towers, as well as your heroes, air strikes and the Tesla tower. This small addition makes the lack of freedom in tower placement a non issue really. The audio is great and the animations are smooth so far and there seems to be some pretty good replay value with each mission having three levels to complete.

Alien Creeps TD is a free title for all Android devices, which does mean it offers up in-app purchases. Judging from the first bit of gameplay you should be able to play a large majority of the title without spending money. However, with some upgrades and other areas of the game drawing up “time until completion” you might end up dropping some cash to move things along faster.

Off topic: Doesn’t the commander look like General Monger from Monsters vs Aliens?


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