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September 6, 2014

Here’s how DARPA’s high-tech tanks will dodge RPGs (video)

by John_A

DARPA’s new Ground X-Vehicle Technology project aims to design tanks with less armor, but are faster and more agile as a result. Now, in the movies, we always see these beefy military vehicles rolling along slowly to action, so faster, grenade-dodging tanks might be a bit hard to imagine. Thankfully, the agency released a concept video that shows how exactly its advanced tanks can avoid getting shot at. Apparently, they will have the capacity to duck (fold low into the ground) and swerve out of the way the moment they detect threat coming their way. DARPA will work on designing these vehicles for the next 24 months, so hit play on the video below, because it’ll take a long time before you see the real deal.

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Source: Defense Tech

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