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September 3, 2014

Who’s getting what? New Samsung devices per US carrier Breakdown

by John_A

As expected, Samsung dropped a number of new products for consumers to consider as their next device. They officially announced the Galaxy Note 4, which we all knew was coming, we just didn’t know the specific spec details. They also brought out the new Note Edge, which we had rumors of a curved side display, but assumptions lead to it being something the Note 4 would have. Samsung also announced the Gear VR, which is a virtual reality head unit to slap your Galaxy Note 4 in for some fun. Yes, you must have a Note 4 to use the Gear VR. Samsung is pretty good about making things device and product specific.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Colors

With 3 new devices and an October time frame, which carriers in the U.S. will be getting what? You be safe to think that all four major carriers will have the Galaxy Note 4. Each of the big guys even have sign-up pages live already. That leaves us wondering about the Galaxy Note Edge and the Gear VR. The Galaxy Note Edge has also been confirmed by all four major players too. I didn’t see that one coming actually. What about the Gear VR? I honestly didn’t expect anyone to carry this contraption. I figured it would be an online from Samsung type of offering. However, Sprint, and AT&T are apparently going to be offering it. I certainly hope Sprint and AT&T have demo units of the Gear VR in store, I’d love to take photos of unwitting people crashing into displays.

Quick recap:

T-Mobile – Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge (sign-up page)

AT&T – Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge and Gear VR. (Note 4 sign-up page / Note Edge sign-up page)

Verizon – Samsung galaxy note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge (sign-up page)

Sprint – Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note Edge and Gear VR (sign-up page)

There is also confirmation that U.S. Cellular will indeed carrier the Galaxy Note 4, but the Note Edge and Gear VR don’t seem to be included anywhere.

Pricing and official launch dates are still under wraps at the moment. While Samsung has said the devices will be available in October, Sprint is the only carrier listing October on their sign-up page.

Via Android Police

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