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June 8, 2014

Google considers $15M Songza purchase

by John_A


With streaming services booming, Google is apparently looking to supercharge its services, now in talks to acquire Songza, according to the New York Post.

Songza, a music curation and streaming service, creates playlists based on time, date, mood, activity, etc., which are all things missing from Google Play Music All Access.

Some examples of playlists from the Songza website homepage include “Waking Up Happy,” “Drinking Gourmet Coffee,” “Working Out,” “Recovering From Last Night,” and “Brand New Music.”

Songza, which has about 5.5 million active users, is a free service that has been dabbling with advertising as of late, creating playlists co-branded with products such as Febreze’s “Sleep Serenity,” the Post said.

Rumor has it that Google is offering Songza around $15 million to help it better compete with services like Spotify with 24 million active users and Pandora with 77 million active users.

If the deal goes through, it could just push the search giant to become an even bigger player in the music streaming industry, and they may need it too to compete against Apple and Beats.

Source: New York Post

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