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Grab Samsung’s original Galaxy Gear for just $89 today

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 1.01.42 PM

If you are in the market for a smartwatch and don’t mind not having the latest and greatest tech, you can grab a Samsung Galaxy Gear at a steep discount today.

Best Buy is selling “certified refurbsihed” Galaxy Gear smartwatchs for just $89 and it comes with free shipping. This deal isn’t available in Best Buy stores, according to the site, only for shipping.

You can get it here.

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‘Destiny’ runs at a higher resolution on Xbox One thanks to Kinect changes

Some poor sap gets incinerated in Destiny

It looks like Microsoft’s decision to let game developers access system resources previously reserved for Kinect features is already paying dividends. Bungie says that the resulting performance boost will let Destiny run on the Xbox One at a higher 1080p resolution while maintaining 30 frames per second; in short, it’s now as sharp-looking as the PS4 edition. Xbox head Phil Spencer also tells Major Nelson that the anything-goes shooter Sunset Overdrive will take advantage of the loosened requirements.

Whether or not you think the crisper visuals actually matter, they suggest that there’s an end in sight to the constant debates over lower resolutions in some Xbox One games, such as Titanfall and Watch Dogs. Cross-platform titles that don’t need the Xbox’s Kinect support now stand a better chance of looking the same on modern systems. That’s good news for Microsoft, which is still struggling to overtake Sony in console sales, but it’s particularly heartening for gamers — you can focus on enjoying good games instead of worrying that you got a raw deal.

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Via: Eurogamer

Source: Geoff Keighley (Twitter), Major Nelson


Pinterest reaches Windows Phone, with some caveats

Pinterest beta for Windows Phone

Microsoft has made some giant strides in getting big social networks to hop aboard the Windows Phone bandwagon, but Pinterest has long been a no-show. Today, though, that changes: Pinterest has at last released an official beta app for its collection-themed service. You can do most anything you’d do on the company’s mobile website, whether it’s planning for a car restoration or making an itinerary for your next trip.

With that said, it’s not an ideal Pinterest experience… at least, not yet. The company tells us that the beta is a shortcut to its mobile web client with a few Windows Phone-native features thrown in. This won’t be as tightly integrated with the platform as the Android or iOS versions, then. But hey, it’s a start — and Pinterest is looking for feedback, so you can let it know if you need more powerful tools for pinning your favorite things.

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Source: Windows Phone Store


​Lowe’s Holoroom is an augmented reality showroom, not a sci-fi revolution

Admit it, you’ve seen the ‘holodeck‘ on Star Trek and thought to yourself: “I want that.” So did the folks at Lowe’s Innovation Lab, but what they came up isn’t exactly science fiction. Lowe’s Holoroom isn’t a holographic reality, it’s an augmented reality: by covering a small space in AR markers, Lowe’s has created a room that allows customers to view potential home renovations by looking through the window of an iPad.

Markers add accuracy to the AR experience, but that’s not the reason the company chose an augmented experience over a virtual one. According to Singularity Hub, the company explored “simulator solutions,” but had to abandon them due to concerns over motion sickness. Lowe’s plans to install the Holoroom in select Toronto stores this year, and will eventually allow customers to print out their own makers and continue the experience from home. Holoroom doesn’t quite deliver on the holographic fantasy the name suggests, but hey — whatever gets the bathroom remodeled.

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Via: Singularity Hub

Source: Lowe’s Innovation Labs


Pebble Steel Launches at Best Buy on June 15 for $229 [iOS Blog]

Pebble today announced that its second-generation smart watch, the Pebble Steel, will be available in Best Buy stores beginning on June 15.

First announced in January, the Pebble Steel features a stainless steel body with a leather or steel band, an upgrade from the plastic design of the first-generation Pebble. The Pebble Steel also features smaller side and top bezels than the original, for a slimmer, lighter profile.


Pebble Steel has been incredibly popular since we launched it at CES in January, with demand far exceeding our expectations. Our premium smartwatch takes everything our users love about the original Pebble–simplicity, ease of use, weeklong battery life, water resistant design, rich notifications, the Pebble appstore, and regular updates–and wraps it up in a sleek new stainless steel and Corning Gorilla Glass body.

When purchased from the Pebble website, the Steel retails for $249, a price that includes both a steel and leather band. The version sold through Best Buy will include just a leather band for a price of $229.

In addition to being available at Best Buy retail stores and the Best Buy website this Sunday, the Pebble Steel will continue to be available through the Pebble website.


Next iPad Air May Include Upgraded A8 Processor, 8 Megapixel Camera

ipad_air_family_20136Displays for Apple’s next-generation iPad Air are set to begin production this month, reports Korean site ETNews [Google Translation] (via AmongTech), with other major parts such as the camera module also set to enter production soon.

Apple’s second iPad Air is expected to continue to feature the same featherweight design introduced with the first iPad Air, using the same 9.7-inch Retina LCD with a resolution of 2048 x 1536. LG Display will begin production on the displays in June, with Samsung and Sharp ramping up production next month.

Though the next-generation iPad Air will not see any design changes, it may see some hardware improvements in the form of an upgraded 8-megapixel rear camera, an improvement over the current 5-megapixel camera. It may incorporate the same 8-megapixel camera used in the iPhone 5s, which also includes a larger sensor for improved low-light performance. iOS 8 will also bring photography updates to both Apple’s existing and next-generation iPad Airs, in the form of new panoramic and time-lapse modes.

Along with a better camera, the iPad Air is unsurprisingly expected to include an upgraded A8 processor to improve both performance and battery life and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor first introduced with the iPhone 5s.

It is unclear when Apple plans to release its second-generation iPad Air, but rumors have pointed towards a release in September or October, which would be in line with previous iPad releases. Apple’s Retina iPad mini is expected to be updated at the same time, featuring many of the same improvements.


TouchPal Demos Gesture Keyboard with Sliding Input for iOS 8

One of the major iOS 8 announcements at last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference was support for systemwide third-party keyboards, and a number of prominent keyboard developers have announced their intention to support iOS. Fleksy was the first to share a photo of its keyboard running on iOS 8, and today TouchPal has posted a video of its keyboard in action.

TouchPal’s video shows its keyboard supporting gesture/sliding input similar to Swype, as demoed in the stock Messages app on iOS 8. TouchPal also supports autocorrect and predictive word suggestions, although these are not shown in the demo.

While iOS 8′s public release is still several months away, it’s clear that keyboard developers, many of whom including Swype, Adaptxt and SwiftKey have honed their offerings on Android, are moving quickly to support iOS.

Several major keyboard developers have already been working with iOS, as seen with the SwiftKey Note app with Evernote integration and Fleksy’s developer tools that allow developers to add support for the firm’s predictive keyboard on an app-by-app basis. As a result, we expect quite a few third-party options ready for the iOS 8 launch.


Android icon lovers, come out to play-ay! You’re invited to Tha Warriors Party!


WonderWheel (2)

Look, we know you love to play with the look and feel of your Android smartphone or tablet. Gauging by the interest in our icon pack highlight posts we understand that a lot of you love to swap out the icons on a regular basis. This Friday you’ll have a chance to take advantage of some discounts and promos all centered around icons.

It’s called Tha Warriors Party and it’s being organized by a well-known and respected designer, Tha Phlash. Various icon developers and enthusiasts will get together to offer early looks at upcoming bundles, discounts on current packs, and other fun stuff.

This Friday the best icon designers will join forces to give you some goodies so this is a party you do not want to miss because WE got the streets, suckers! Can you dig it?

So how do you get in on the love? Simple! The whole thing is done live via a virtual nightclub called mixify. Yeah, there’s gonna be some awesome music played; we know, we’ve been there before.

The party gets started at 6PM EST this Friday, June 13, and you can RSVP on Google+ immediately.

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Netflix brings The Magic School Bus into the internet era with a new series

The Magic School Bus 360 concept drawing

Netflix made a big push into educational video when it picked up Scholastic’s TV shows, and we now know that this effort has paid off — The Magic School Bus has been “remarkably popular,” Netflix tells the New York Times. It only makes sense, then, that the streaming media pioneer has just ordered a new take on Magic School Bus for its next original series. The 26-episode show, The Magic School Bus 360°, will modernize Ms. Frizzle’s science classes for kids who are now surrounded by technology; robots and wearables (such as a biometric suit) will play a part. Your little ones will have to wait until 2016 to start watching, but that patience may pay off if it fosters an early interest in computer science and other high-tech fields.

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Via: New York times, Time

Source: Scholastic


Making your own Mario level is incredibly fun, but difficult to master

Today, I wrote my very own level of Super Mario Bros. at E3. Featuring a pyramid of goombas, several randomly placed pipes, a dozen mystery blocks in a row and countless coins scattered throughout, my creation was a jumbled mess; coming up with a cool world for Mario to navigate is a lot easier said than done. But it was mine.

In the first half of next year, Wii U owners will have the same opportunity thanks to a game called Mario Maker. It’s Nintendo’s first attempt at producing a level creator similar to LittleBigPlanet or Project Spark, and it tugged at my heartstrings. For a brief moment, I shared the same experience as a small group of video game designers: Armed with a Wii U GamePad and its included stylus, I placed enemies, pipes, platforms and other Mario obstacles anywhere I wanted. In my demo, I was allowed to choose between the original game’s 8-bit style and the high-def style from the franchise’s recent titles. And just to make sure my Mario genesis was actually playable, I was able to play through it in real time.

In edit mode, Mario Maker looks closer to a crude video editor or an early version of Photoshop than an actual game. Items, tiles and enemies line the top of the screen, while your current position in the world sits on the bottom. The mechanics are simple: Select an item from the top and then tap on the screen where you want to place it. If you plant a platform somewhere, you can then dictate which direction it moves in. (Reps told me that there’s no way to adjust how far each platform travels, however.) You can add wings to goombas or turtles, and if you place an enemy in a pipe, that enemy will start popping out at regular intervals. Once you hit the Play button in the bottom-left corner, it transforms into a real game that you can actually play through. This is where the difficult part of the process began: Randomly placing items on a level is one thing, but making everything work well together and helping Mario get through it successfully is another.

It took just a few minutes to create a simple level. Satisfied, I saved my masterpiece, but Nintendo hasn’t given any specific details on exactly what I can do with it after this point. Reps suggest that there will be ways to share it with others. Hopefully this means you’ll be able to upload levels and challenge family and friends. I’d also love to download curated playlists of custom-made levels to tide me over until the next Mario game comes out. The demo shown off at E3 is an early version of the game, which means there should be a lot more options and customizations to choose from when it’s ready next year. Sadly, there was no option to create warp pipes, nor were there any underground or water levels. While there aren’t many official answers yet, Nintendo has plenty of time to provide them before its general release.

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