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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Debuts On Android In Its Most Definitive Form Yet

sonic the hedgehog 2I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most famous and recognizable video game franchises in history, though there’s not much that can be said for more recent iterations involving our prickly, blue friend. As a result, SEGA of America has continued to do an admirable reviving the SEGA hero, among other SEGA classics as well, and bringing him and his companions to the small screen, this time reviving Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

sonic the hedgehogNot content with just porting the original game over to Android and iOS, SEGA has gone to the extra effort of including an extra level called the Hidden Palace Zone that wasn’t in the original game, making this the most complete version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 to date. If you’re ready to relive the game and experience the Hidden Palace Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is available on the Google Play Store now for $2.99. Play Store links are below if you are interested.

Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Play Store Link

Price: $2.99


Press Release

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Comes to Mobile Better Than Ever

SEGA Unveils Rumoured Hidden Palace Zone Restored in its Entirety for the First Time 

SEGA is proud to announce that Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is back on mobile and better than before with a fully revamped version of the adventure that first brought Sonic and Tails together.

Gamers can re-discover the high speed adrenaline rush through iconic zones such as Emerald Hill, Chemical Plant and Casino Night. Spin, dash and loop de loop with upgraded visuals and a silky smooth frame rate. Defeat deadly enemies as Sonic, Tails or Knuckles and experience brand new, content in the challenging Boss Attack Mode where players can now try to beat all of the game’s bosses in a single run.

For the first time, fans can finally discover the secrets of the much rumoured and never-before-seen Hidden Palace Zone. This brand new level was never included in the original Genesis version of the game and feature new enemies, hazards and an epic showdown with Dr. Eggman. This hidden zone is a forgotten treasure finally ready to be discovered on mobile.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is now available on Google Play bringing a new way for fans to enjoy the classic game. This update is free for fans that have already downloaded the game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and new players can download the re-mastered version from the App Store.


The ManDroid Show: HTC One 2?!?!?! Sprint and T-Mobile Becoming One?


Happy Friday my friends. Time for some ManDroid info. The HTC One 2 might be upon us in the coming months, and someone made an awesome 3D concept video. You people out there that ordered a Moto X or G are probably hating the fact that bad weather is preventing you from getting your phone. Hopefully it will end soon. Enjoy the show!

News Topics
HTC One 2 3D concept video
Severe weather delaying Moto shipments
ASUS Padfone coming to America
Sprint bidding for T-Mobile


Peter Jackson promises improved high frame rate showing for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The first Hobbit movie served as a debut for 48fps “high frame rate” movies, and found a cool reception from critics and many fans. This time around, as The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug hits theaters, director Peter Jackson is doubling down on the rhetoric, claiming that an improved HFR is the best way to se the movie. Quoted by Variety, Jackson repeated claims that this new process improves the quality of 3D, and says he experimented with a different approach to color grading that takes away from the HD-ish look many disliked the first time around. The second Hobbit movie has HFR screenings at 812 screens, nearly double the last year’s number. This time around press and critics saw the film in 24fps, instead of 48fps, but the various premieres did feature HFR showings. By now some of you have either seen the movie or are going to a screening this weekend, let us know if you picked the super-smooth 48fps showing or stuck with old school 24fps projection.

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Source: Variety


Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Lets You Hunt Game From The Comfort Of Your Mobile Device

cabela's big game hunterIf you’ve been waiting for game hunting games on Android, you’ll be glad to know that the wait is now over. Activision and Cabela’s have teamed up to bring Cabela’s Big Game Hunter to Android and iOS, bringing its renowned game hunting gameplay to the small screen, offering multiple mission in varied environments hunting animals that are unique to each area. The game offers a player progression system that will let you unlock abilities like X-Ray vision as well as customization of their weapons loadouts.

cabela's big game hunterIt might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the franchise has existed for quite a long time now so it’s obvious there are quite a few people out there who are big game hunters. If you’re interested in picking up Cabela’s Big Game Hunter, it’s on the Google Play Store now for free, so hit the links below to grab it.

Game: Cabela’s Big Game Hunter

Play Store Link

Price: Free


Press Release

Activision Publishing, Inc. and Cabela’s Announce Release of Cabela’s® Big Game Hunter®, A Free-To-Play Authentic Hunting Experience For Mobile Devices

The Biggest Hunting Video Game Franchise* Makes Its Debut on Mobile 

Activision Publishing, Inc. and Cabela’s, the worldwide leader in hunting, have brought the No. 1 hunting video game franchise to mobile devices withCabela’s® Big Game Hunter®a free-to-play title for mobile devices that lets players hunt the biggest and most dangerous animals on the planet.

Cabela’s® Big Game Hunter® is made for those that appreciate the authentic details in a hunting game. It has multi-tiered, objective-based missions that offer a wide range of hunting experiences, from the heart-pounding survival mode and thrilling dangerous hunts to the skill-testing timed challenges. Players track down a wide selection of wildlife across the American North and Northwest, including grizzly bears, mountain lions, white-tailed deer and more! The animals are lifelike and native to each environment.

“Cabela’s and Activision have been working together on hunting video games for over a decade, and we’ve consistently been No. 1 in the genre,” said Eric Wieser, Director of Merchandising at Cabela’s. “Cabela’s® Big Game Hunter® is our first title developed from the ground up specifically for mobile. We’ve taken our time with this to make sure we offer our fans something authentic.”

The player can play casually or go deep by mixing and matching custom loadouts with rifles, bows, pistols, shotguns and clothing. No detail is spared. There are abilities to unlock that let players slow down time and increase accuracy, and an X-ray mode is accessible to help take that perfect shot at the animal’s vitals. All hunters want evidence to back up those tall tales, so the game has leader boards and a trophy room that show off proof of hunting achievements.

Cabela’s® Big Game Hunter® is available right now for FREE on the Apple App Store ( and Google Play ( Stay on the move with the latest updates by following along on Facebook ( and Twitter @ActivisionHunts.


Samsung And Robin Thicke Continue To Show Us How To #DesignYourLife

samsung and robin thickeLast week we heard about some advertisements by Samsung for which they employed the services of Blurred Lines star, Robin Thicke, to advertise how you can “#DesignYourLife” with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear. That ad was to be the first of three, which teams Samsung and Robin Thicke together to showcase some of the things you can do with the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear if you’re Robin Thicke. Now, Samsung has rounded out the set with another 2 videos which so Thicke yet again employing his charm, with the opportune help of his Note 3 and Gear smartwatch. Check it out:

Neither app really delves into the abilities of either the Note 3 or the Gear too much, but at the very least you get to see them in action, albeit in very embellished situations. While the ads do make great use of star signing Thicke, it pales in comparison to some of Samsung’s previous ads to advertise their flagship phablet, like this:

In any case, it’s obvious these star endorsements from Thicke, soccer stud Lionel Messi and many others are working as Samsung is churning these out in much greater numbers than any other manufacturer. What do you think about these ads and do you suddenly feel like a buying a Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear?

Source: Samsung Tomorrow


Google says Android app permission manager was released by mistake, removes it from latest update

Remember that “Apps Ops” feature Google snuck into Android 4.3? The company seems to have changed its mind. The feature was originally hidden, but when activated with a third party app it gave users the ability to pick and choose what data apps have access to — blocking seemingly harmless flashlight apps from accessing your call history, GPS data or address book. Now, users upgrading to Android 4.4.2 are reporting that the permission management tool has disappeared. According to Google, the feature was deployed by mistake; it wasn’t ready for consumers yet. Continuing to use the incomplete feature could reportedly generate errors in certain apps. It sounds reasonable, considering that the user had to download special software to activate the feature in the first place, but it’s always disappointing when updating removes features, rather than improves them. Hopefully, a complete and public version of App Ops will be available soon.

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Source: Reuters, EFF


Valve’s SteamOS is ready to download — only Linux vets are encouraged to apply

Just as promised, Valve has made its first release of SteamOS available for downloads at the same time it ships out prototype Steam Machines to 300 beta testers. Based on the Debian 7.1 flavor of Linux, SteamOS is a platform purpose built for playing PC games on the TV. Cutting out the cruft of desktop operating systems that aren’t well suited for the lean-back experience, one of its main features is the ability to stream games running on a computer elsewhere in the house, so they can be played on the TV, as well as play native SteamOS games.

It’s currently in beta, so Valve is recommending those without experience with Linux wait for a more polished version next year, around the time Steam Machine gaming PCs arrive at retail. Still, if you know your apt-get from your su and want to show those Xbox One and PS4 owners what an open next-gen platform is like, feel free to start the 960MB download here (good luck, some report downloads are already choking under the strain) to check it out early. Need more information on how it’s done? All the information you’ll need to get up and running, from hardware requirements to installation instructions can be found in this freshly-posted FAQ.

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Source: SteamDB, SteamOS FAQ, SteamOS


Daily Roundup: New Nexus 5 hardware, Amazon Pantry, next-gen console sales and more!

You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Daily Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past 24 hours — all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click on through the break, and enjoy.

Nexus 5 production tweaks

New Nexus 5 owners are noticing a few design improvements over the original launch day model. Follow the link for all the deets.

November’s next-gen console sales

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 went head to head last month, and according to NPD, Sony’s sales came out on top. Click on through for the numbers.

Samsung promises ‘differentiated’ smartphones

By merging its digital imaging and mobile divisions, Samsung is taking a PureView-like approach to improve its smartphone camera technology. Click the link for details.

Amazon Pantry tipped for 2014

According to USA Today’s anonymous sources, Amazon may be expanding into the grocery business. Click through for more details on this intriguing online service. Watch out, Costco!

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Retina iPad Mini Shipping Estimates Improve to 1 to 3 Days in Multiple Countries Ahead of the Holidays

As the holidays approach, Apple’s Retina iPad mini supplies have begun to improve, alleviating the supply constraints the product has faced since its quiet November 12 launch.

In the Online Apple Store, Retina iPad mini shipping estimates for all models and capacities, including cellular models, have decreased to 1 to 3 days in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Asia Pacific. The Retina iPad mini continues to ship within 3 to 5 days in European countries.

The new shipping estimates are a significant improvement from shipping estimates in November, which ranged from 5 to 10 days for multiple weeks before improving to 3 to 5 days in December.

Issues with display yields were reportedly behind Apple’s supply shortages, and as a result of the constrained supplies, Apple launched the Retina iPad mini in the middle of the night, offering the tablet solely via its online store and through Personal Pickup. It wasn’t until 10 days after launch that Apple began allowing walk-in sales of the Retina mini. Cellular models have been the most constrained, with multiple carriers experiencing back orders on cellular Retina iPad minis in November.

Just a few weeks ago, a report suggested Apple had solved its production problems, allowing it to build up some supplies for the holiday shopping season. Along with shorter shipping estimates, in-store supplies of the Retina iPad mini appear to have improved slightly as well, with several colors and capacities available for immediate pickup in quite a few Apple Stores around the country.

According to an unofficial web tracker, supplies of the 16 and 32 GB Wi-Fi models are widely available, while the larger 64 and 128 GB Retina iPad minis and all cellular minis remain in shorter supply.

Apple’s holiday shipping guidelines now suggest that U.S. customers order the non-engraved Retina iPad mini by December 16 for a December 24 delivery with standard shipping.

(Thanks, Leonard!)



Sprint to be putting a bid on T-Mobile in 2014

Sprint picking up T-Mobile is not something new to be heard. It has been rumored and shot down quite a number of times. Another report coming from The Wallstreet Journal is stating that Sprint could be prepping to make a bid for Magenta in 2014.  A move like this would take some time and a lot of prep work, but it is being said that the ball is already rolling in that direction.

Sprint T-Mobile Merger talks

If  Sprint does go through with the offer, it is looking to be close to a $20 billion offer. It would need to clear all the usual regulatory red tape and government agencies before it would become official. With SoftBank now on board with Sprint (SoftBank picked Sprint up earlier this year) it is very possible that the power to make it happen is there.This would bring the top 4 carriers in the US down to just 3. Sprint and T-Mobile combined would pull in around 53 million subscribers, AT&T in second with 72 Million and Verizon still holding the top with 95 million.

It certainly won’t be an easy battle to make the merger happen. however, it is completely possible. Talks speculate that things could start getting underway in the first half of 2014.

What do you guys think? I know this has popped up in the past, but it does seem a bit more plausible this time around. It could be an interesting 2014 for both companies.

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