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iOS 5 jailbroken



See those Cydia and iSSH icons? How about the Reminders and Newstand apps, see those? What you’re looking at is the harmonious coexistence of hacks and Apple’s virgin iOS 5 beta release running on a 4th generation iPod touch. In other words, MuscleNerd and Co are letting us know that iOS 5 presents few surprises so far when its comes to closing the existing holes exploited by the tethered limera1n jailbreak.

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Apple iOS 5 hands-on preview

iOS 5 won’t be ready for the masses until this Fall, but lucky developers — and eager tech bloggers — are able to get in on the action right now. We just got done downloading the 730MB BETA, and have decided to turn our iPhone 4 and iPad 2 into guinea pigs for all the newness. Apple says that there are over 200 new features baked into the updated OS, and we’ve run through the biggies from Notification Center to Twitter to that oh-so-convenient split keyboard for you — all you need to do is click after the br

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Sony’s PlayStation Vita: first hands-on impressions



We’ve seen Sony’s PlayStation Vita, and more importantly, what it can do — but this evening, we touched that Next Generation Portable for the very first time. How does it compare to its single-sticked predecessor? And will we make another Madonna joke? Find out after the break.

The first thing that struck us is just how light the Vita feels in the hand. It’s got a gorgeous five-inch OLED panel, monstrous for a portable system, but the plastics used in its construction make it seem lighter than the PSP or even some of our weightier smartphones. You’re looking at firm glossy and matte plastic surfaces here, with the Start, Select and Power buttons flush in the glossy front. The face buttons feel small compared to the PSP or a DualShock 3, but they’re firm and comfortable to press, and there’s a nice floating D-pad on the left side which feels like it could handle a Street Fighter shoryuken or three. The transparent shoulder buttons don’t feel much different than the ones on the PlayStation Portable, though perhaps a tad springier in their action, and between them there are a pair of iPod nano-like volume buttons and a pair of thin plastic covers. One hides the flash card slot, while another reveals a mysterious port of some sort — none of the Sony representatives could tell us what it does, though there’s also a larger port on the bottom of the system which apparently connects proprietary USB and / or networking cables.

via Sony’s PlayStation Vita: first hands-on impressions — Engadget.


Droid X2 review



Would a Droid X by any other name smell as sweet? When we reviewed that phone last year we found it to be a solid performer in a solid chassis. In short: a very good phone. Now it’s back with a new name, or a revised one at least, the Motorola Droid X2 offering the same basic design as its predecessor but packing a lot more heat on the inside — a dual-core dose of Tegra 2, to be specific. Will it tickle your olfactory sensors just like the first X?

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HTC EVO 3D launches on June 24th for $200, joined by EVO View 4G tablet at $400



The HTC bonanza that Sprint has been cooking up for a while now has its official launch date: June 24th. That will be the day when the 4.3-inch EVO 3D and its tablet buddy, the 7-inch EVO View 4G, launch on the Now Network, both equipped with WiMAX radios and Android 2.3 Gingerbread as their OS. The 1.2GHz dual-core EVO 3D costs $200 on contract, with pre-orders available right now provided you buy a $50 Sprint gift card, whereas the 1.5GHz single-core EVO View 4G will set you back double that, at $400, while still requiring a two-year contract. Skip past the break for the full press release details.Oh, weve also just noticed that Sprint Premier customers will be able to buy the EVO 3D online on June 21st — a three-day headstart on the competition to say thank you for being so damn premier.

via HTC EVO 3D launches on June 24th for $200, joined by EVO View 4G tablet at $400 — Engadget.


HTC Sensation review

A hotly anticipated smartphone with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a “Super” 4.3-inch screen, and a manufacturer-skinned version of Android 2.3 — we must be talking about the Samsung Galaxy S II, right? Not on this occasion, squire. Today were taking a gander at HTCs Sensation, a handset thats just begun shipping in Europe under a short-term Vodafone exclusive and which should be making its way to T-Mobile in the USA early next month. By beating its stablemate the EVO 3D and Motos Droid X2 to the market, the Sensation becomes the worlds first 4.3-inch smartphone with qHD resolution, while also serving as the debut phone for HTCs Watch movie streaming service and Sense 3.0 UI customizations. That leaves us with an abundance of newness to review, so what are we waiting for?

via HTC Sensation review — Engadget.


Sony Pictures hacked by Lulz Security, 1,000,000 passwords claimed stolen



Oh, Sony — not again. Weve just received numerous tips that Lulz Security has broken into, where it claims to have stolen the personal information of over 1,000,000 users — all stored disgracefully in plain text format. Lulz claims the heist was performed with a simple SQL injection — just like we saw the last time around. A portion of the groups exploit is posted online in a RAR file, which contains over 50,000 email / password combos of unfortunate users. Weve downloaded this file at our own risk, mind you and can verify these sensitive bits are now in the wild, though it remains unclear if whats published matches reality. In addition to user information, the group has blurted out over 20,000 Sony music coupons, and the admin database including email addresses and passwords for BMG Belgium employees. Fresh off the heels of the PlayStation Network restoration, were guessing the fine folks in Sonys IT department are now surviving solely on adrenaline s

via Sony Pictures hacked by Lulz Security, 1,000,000 passwords claimed stolen — Engadget.

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