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Apple iOS 5 hands-on preview

iOS 5 won’t be ready for the masses until this Fall, but lucky developers — and eager tech bloggers — are able to get in on the action right now. We just got done downloading the 730MB BETA, and have decided to turn our iPhone 4 and iPad 2 into guinea pigs for all the newness. Apple says that there are over 200 new features baked into the updated OS, and we’ve run through the biggies from Notification Center to Twitter to that oh-so-convenient split keyboard for you — all you need to do is click after the br

via Apple iOS 5 hands-on preview — Engadget.


Sony’s PlayStation Vita: first hands-on impressions



We’ve seen Sony’s PlayStation Vita, and more importantly, what it can do — but this evening, we touched that Next Generation Portable for the very first time. How does it compare to its single-sticked predecessor? And will we make another Madonna joke? Find out after the break.

The first thing that struck us is just how light the Vita feels in the hand. It’s got a gorgeous five-inch OLED panel, monstrous for a portable system, but the plastics used in its construction make it seem lighter than the PSP or even some of our weightier smartphones. You’re looking at firm glossy and matte plastic surfaces here, with the Start, Select and Power buttons flush in the glossy front. The face buttons feel small compared to the PSP or a DualShock 3, but they’re firm and comfortable to press, and there’s a nice floating D-pad on the left side which feels like it could handle a Street Fighter shoryuken or three. The transparent shoulder buttons don’t feel much different than the ones on the PlayStation Portable, though perhaps a tad springier in their action, and between them there are a pair of iPod nano-like volume buttons and a pair of thin plastic covers. One hides the flash card slot, while another reveals a mysterious port of some sort — none of the Sony representatives could tell us what it does, though there’s also a larger port on the bottom of the system which apparently connects proprietary USB and / or networking cables.

via Sony’s PlayStation Vita: first hands-on impressions — Engadget.

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