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May 24, 2023

Are There Crypto Wallets on Android?

by John_A

With cryptocurrency taking the world by storm the way that it is, clearly there is an abundance of crypto wallets to choose from. But not everyone around the world is using an iPhone, so are there still ample options for Android phone users?The simple answer is yes. If you take a quick browse through the Google Play app store, you’ll find plenty of crypto wallet options at your disposal. And with one search, your problem goes from having no Android crypto wallet options to having too many. What will you turn to when you need to check the Spell Token price? How do you decide which is the best, and even more importantly, which is the best option for you? That’s where we come in. Read on for our guide to the best Android crypto wallets to find out which one is the best for you.Bitcoin walletThe Bitcoin wallet is the crypto wallet that does exactly what it says on the tin and nothing more. It’s an app that allows you to buy, sell, store, send and receive your Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. If you’re someone who is only just getting into crypto trading, or you’d prefer to keep it simple, this is the crypto wallet for you.It’s not entirely featureless. For example, it allows you to view live market data on a widget on your phone’s home screen and to swap between currencies and customize your network fees.GeminiGemini, like the name suggests, is double trouble. The crypto twins of e-wallet and exchange are at play in this app. Coins available include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Bitcoin Cash and over 90 others, all ready to buy, sell, and store on the Gemini app. Its security starts with mandatory two-factor authentication and it has Wear OS support so you can trade while you jog if you please. Features include setting price alerts and interactive user interface.Coinbase walletCoinbase is a crypto wallet that takes things a step further. It has been described as more of a brokerage app for crypto. Not only can you exchange crypto, but it can also store and transfer your crypto to and from it. Even if you can’t buy all of your currencies from Coinbase, the app will keep you updated on the prices of many of them. But very few are omitted. You can buy from Doge, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.Mycelium Bitcoin walletThe Mycelium Bitcoin wallet is a mixed bag. Its best selling point is its superior security, with control of your private keys solely controlled by the app, but its worst selling point is its user interface which looks oddly old and cluttered, like it belongs in a Windows 95 environment.Aside from that, the Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet allows you to send and receive currency, supporting multiple coins like ERC-20 and Ethereum, and supports hardware solutions like Ledger and Trezor.Coinomi walletThe Coinomi crypto wallet is the wallet that understands the assignment. It allows you to trade every cryptocurrency that’s based on the ERC20/223/723, the Omnilayer, NEM, BEP2, and TRC10, making it the wallet for the trader who is taking this seriously. It’s the perfect wallet for storing lots of various kinds of coins, and with a slick and polished user interface, multi-seed support, and security that exceeds expectations, it is considered the best of the bunch by many.Eclair MobileThe Eclair Mobile app is one for people who like a simple interface, but impressive features. It is an app that is compatible with the Lightning Network and only supports Bitcoin, making it the ideal wallet for people who simply want to focus on Bitcoin and go in hard.Electrum Bitcoin walletThe Electrum Bitcoin wallet is very well made, but niche. It boasts a set of good security features that make it particularly appealing, including local encrypted security keys that stay with your phone.It does need work to its user interface however, and you’re likely to struggle with it if you need a language other than English, but it uses redundant servers to reduce loading time to almost nothing.ExodusExodus is the popular choice amongst crypto traders, and it’s not without merit. The Exodus crypto wallet supports dozens of coins, allows you to easily swap them, and send and receive coins straight from the app. Its security features are also something to raise an eyebrow at, with the app encrypting private keys on your device so there is no chance of them getting stolen.Trust WalletAnother popular choice amongst crypto traders is the Trust Wallet, which supports both mainstream crypto coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin but also ERC200, ERC721, and BEP20 tokens. In fact, coins are almost limitless since you can add currencies to the app that aren’t previously supported with the proper links.You can send and receive crypto and use a DApps browser on Trust Wallet. The only issue is buying from the app, which is possible, but is limited on busy days.ConclusionThere are pros and cons to all of these crypto wallets, but some are more suited to the type of crypto user you can be than others. Hopefully with a rundown of their individual features, you’ve landed on the crypto wallet that suits your needs.

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