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March 21, 2023

Review: Buddy Beat

by John_A

The Buddy Beat Light is a wearable speaker and LED light combination accessory that wraps around the neck to sit on the shoulders. Offered in a handful of colorways, it’s light and generally unobtrusive, and puts off a decent amount of light. It connects to your phone via BluetoothRead on to learn more or check out the podcast (also embedded below) to see what we thought of the Buddy Beat.Noteworthy FeaturesCharging Time: approximately 4 hoursContinuous Operating Time:Speaker – approximately 10 hoursLED light – approximately 20 hoursSpeaker & LED light – approximately 6 hoursType-C USB charging cableOffered in Black, White, Camouflage, and Lime GreenConnectivity: Bluetooth 4.2GalleryListen to the EpisodeBe sure to subscribe to the AndroidGuys podcast through your favorite platform or add the AndroidGuys Podcast RSS feed to enjoy!Google PodcastsiTunesSpotifyAmazon MusicTuneInThoughts and ConclusionUnderstanding this is somewhat of a niche product, we do like what the Buddy Beat has to offer users. It’s a great accessory for people who tend to work with their hands and need some helping light.Similarly, it’s the sort of thing you might want to pack for a camping trip as it not only puts off a fair amount of light, but it provides hours of music, too. You may want to keep the charging cable on hand, though, as your mixed usage could deplete it over the span of busy day. Not to worry, though, as you’ll be full again in under four hours.Music sounds decent with audio rising up from your shoulders to meet your ears. It’s similar to how bone conduction or earbuds with ambient listening allow for environmental sounds to get through while giving you enough to immerse yourself in a playlist or podcast. Calls sound good, too, and the design gives somewhat of a stereo or surround sound without letting people in the vicinity hear every word.The LED light is good enough to brighten the immediate area and acts almost like a book light. You can wear this in bed without distracting others, sneak in a comic book under the blankets, or jot down notes in the field.You can learn more about the Buddy Beat and/or purchase yours for about $65.

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