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January 4, 2023

GE Profile Smart Mixer launches exclusively at Crate and Barrel with a hefty price

by John_A

The stand mixer is a staple for any baking enthusiast or wannabe baker out there. However, there are several challenges when it comes to baking. Many of these begin with the mixing process, such as overmixing, undermixing, and precise measurements.The GE Profile Smart Mixer looks to address these pain points and turn even the most inexperienced of home chefs into a baker. It all starts with the Auto Sense technology built into the GE Profile Smart Mixer, which is able to monitor for changes in texture or viscosity in real-time through motor torque feedback. This ensures that you’ll never over-mix or under-mix again, as the GE Profile Smart Mixer will automatically shut down once the proper consistency is reached.Another way the GE Profile Smart Mixer looks to simplify baking is with the included smart scale. No more breaking out an additional gadget when you can measure everything in the mixing bowl itself. Granted, that seems a little confusing to me, because since everything ends up in the mixing bowl anyways, how are you to measure your ingredients out separately?HighResJPGIf you’ve tried your hand at baking previously, then you know it’s a messy business. Flour, eggs, sugar, and more can end up all over the counter and yourself. You’re also oftentimes working on a batch in the mixer with another going in the oven. How can the GE Profile Smart Mixer help with this you may ask? With the addition of voice controls. Now, you’ll have total control over your mixer even when your hands are deep into kneading some dough or you’re in and out of the oven.Finally, what would a smart device be without an app, and you guessed it, the GE Profile Smart Mixer integrates with the SmartHQ app with over a dozen guided recipes offering detailed instructions to walk users through the entire process. GE also plans to update the app with new recipes in the future and over-the-air updates to the mixer.Beyond smart features, the GE Profile Smart Mixer also boasts that it is the first smart mixer in the US to use an advanced digital brushless DC motor system. This advanced motor ensures that the GE Profile Smart Mixer will run at lower temperatures while still having the power to work through “tough batches and stiff doughs without overheating or stalling.”The GE Profile Smart Mixer comes in black, silver, or white, and is currently available exclusively from Crate and Barrel for $1000 with free shipping.

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