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3 Surprising Things to Try with an Amphibious XTV

Today, there’s an all-terrain vehicle designed for just about any need you can imagine. Many of these options are so versatile in terms of the extremes they can accomplish that they are classed as XTV’x (Extreme Terrain Vehicles) or UTVs (Utility Terrain Vehicles). One of these varieties you may have heard of is the Argo, […]


Samsung is finally bringing its ‘Object Eraser’ to older Galaxy flagships

The feature works well, but isn’t quite as good as Google’s Magic Eraser feature.What you need to knowSamsung’s “Object Eraser”


How to get a reward on an online slot

The principle behind slots for money is simple – you can be rewarded with a specific combination of symbols. Some machines require the symbols to be on the same prize line and adjacent reels from left to right; others require only one line and adjacent reels, regardless of whether they are from left to right or vice versa; still others use options to collect winning combinations.

Most often, the entire gameplay is based on collecting the same symbols. This is the only way to get the winnings in some slots—for example, 3-reel fruit slots, which have no special symbols (wilds or scatters). Learn more at

More ways to win

In modern slot machines are often available additional ways to get the reward. These include the classic risk game and a variety of bonus games. Before you start playing, read the availability of such features found in the payout table or description of the machine.

Bonus rounds

Slot machines for real money can get increased or instant payouts for collecting special characters. Typically, this role is reserved for scatter symbols. These symbols often bring a win, depending on the size of the total bet, and are not tied to paylines and reels. That is, it is the number of scatters on the field at the end of a spin that is important, not precisely where they are located.

For three or more scatters can get:

  • free spins;
  • payout multipliers;
  • access to a special mini-game;
  • instant payout.

Sometimes the bonus game is accessed by collecting the ‘bonus’ symbols. This can be an arcade mini-game, or a simple pick them up to tour. Bonus tour rewards are most often multiplied by the total bet. Consequently, the most effective tips can be obtained when playing at the maximum bet and on all available prize lines. Keep in mind that each spin will withdraw the total amount of coins from the account in this case.


Risk game, upside game, Gamble, Double Up – the names of the particular round, where you can try to increase your winnings for a spin several times, are very numerous. But the essence of the round hardly changes. If the slot machine has a risk game, you can find out from the payout table or an extended description.

Often in the risk game, it is necessary to guess the card’s colour – red or black. A correct answer will double the winnings for a spin, while an incorrect answer will result in the loss of the winnings. Sometimes the choice of colour is supplemented by the opportunity to guess the card’s suit. In this case, the winnings are quadrupled.

Often the risk game is presented as a battle with the virtual dealer. Five cards appear on the screen with the shirt up. The first card opens immediately and belongs to the dealer. Among the remaining four, you must choose one. If its value is higher than that of the dealer – the player wins, and his winnings for the spin is doubled.

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